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Vince Cooley
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This list runs through the most badass vampire slayers ever. Because every badass vampire needs an even more dangerous slayer to drive a stake through their heart. With this list of vampire slayers, you'll always know who to call if you find yourself surrounded by bloodsuckers.

I'm not sure when it happened, but at some point in the last few years all of the vampires in fiction - whether it be movies, TV, or comics - became giant vaginas. I love vampire movies, and vampires in general, and it really hurts to see so many mediocre vampires; and in turn, bulls**t vampire hunters. True Blood is great drama, but where's the mass vampire slaughtering I want and love?

Stephenie Meyer

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Author of the Twilight series.

No one has done more to kill vampires in recent memory than this Mormon special-ed writer. From trying to change the most basic vampire lore from before we called them vampires to essentially turning vampires into earth benders from the Avatar (The Last Airbender) universe, Stephenie Meyer has disgraced respectable vampire fiction with her half-assed attempt to create an enjoyable vampire soap opera.

If you want vamp drama there are two much better novel series that add a sense of romanticism without pandering to its audience: the Sookie Stackhouse novels and the Vampire Diaries. Both are better properties and retain everything that make vampires cool to begin with, and both are better TV shows than Twilight are movies.

In the video: Stephenie Meyer discusses that she never planned to write a book. Hey Stephenie, it shows.

The Monster Squad

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She saved the world. A lot.

One of the strongest female role models to ever hit the small screen (or any screen, really) and arguably the greatest slayer of all time, Buffy was the vampire slayer every girl should aspire to be and every boy should aspire to nail (and then emanate).

Yeah, she delved into the sappiness of dating a mopey vampire with a soul, but she made up for it by kicking his ass on the regular and then doing it all over again by bringing another vampire in line with her womanly wiles.

And yeah, the late 90's early 00's TV special effects were kind of campy and lame a lot of the time, but the stories told were what makes this one of the most well-loved and memorable TV shows of all time. At the head of this was Buffy herself. With each season, her life just got worse and worse and the show only got darker and darker, but Buffy and (most of) her crew always pulled through in the end.

She not only kicked the asses of hundreds of vampires throughout the seasons, but also foiled demons, ghosts and even GODS.

There's nothing she and her crew can't face when they're together, and there has never been a more awesome or badass crew of full-fledged, professional vampire slayers.

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Lionel 'Elvis' Cormac

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