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Star Wars memes, much like their fans, come in all shapes and sizes. From image macros of Master Yoda dissing people on forums, to Admiral Ackbar warning you about what that hot girl really has in her pants, to common internet expressions derived from horrible subtitles from the films, here are the best, funniest Star Wars memes on the internet.

In honor of the 35th anniversary of the original release of the greatest film trilogy in history (yes, it is only a trilogy), the following is a look at what kind of effect this staple of pop culture had on the newest (and in my opinion best) medium currently in existence.

From "Do Not Want" and "It's A Trap" to jokes about The Pope, Star Wars memes are arguably the best ones on the internet.

What the 10 most viral Star Wars memes of all time? Take a look at this list and find out.


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There's an abundance for Star Wars everything out there. There have been some ridiculous products, endless webcomics and even some strange fetishes for some reason.

But out of all of the ridiculous toys, clothing, appliances and more, the memes seem to be what have become a part of our every day.

And this might very well be the most well-known Star Wars meme out there, and the greatest part about it is that you may not know that it is even a Star Wars meme. But you will soon. And if you already did you are now offended and I apologize.

"Do Not Want" is a phrase that has become popular across the web as a sign of disapproval, disgust or apprehension towards pictures of a person, a concept or a product of some kind. "Do Not Want" has become the "no, thank you" of internet speak.

There's even a commonly known image known as the "Do Not Want" guy:

But where did "Do Not Want" come from? The phrase most often associated with the handsome Italian politician above named Massimo D'Alema started from a blogger named Jeremy Winterson who posted a long series of photos (which can be perused in their original post here) screencapping the horribly translated English subtitles to a Chinese bootleg version of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.

This is the only good thing to have come out of that movie.

The photos display highlights of the film, which was translated on the DVD as Star Wars Episode III: The Backstroke of the West, showing the hilariously mis-translated lines along with the film itself.

And at the end of the film, as you probably remember unless you've repressed it along with the rest of the modern world, Darth Vader learns that the beloved wife he turned to the Dark Side to protect in the first place is dead. If one was a leader in an evil empire, he would clench his fists, shake them above his helmet, and let out the most pathetic whine in the Star Wars series since Luke's trip to Tosche Station got postponed.

Here's the clip from the very end of Star Wars III: The Backstroke of the West:

After the blog post went live in 2005, it not only brought light to one of the greatest disappointments of anyone's life up to that point, but it gave us a new way to show disapproval on the internet. Because how the hell can you not reference this for the rest of your life?

It was a line made for parody, like this little guy:

this poor fella:

this little guy:

It's the reason we say "Do Not Want" AND we can make fun of the real words. Lucas should really make more films just so we can have more comedy.

It's a Trap!

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 If you don't know this phrase, then I don't know how you made it to this list in the first place. The strain on your eyes due to the contrast between how bright it is in the outside world and that cave you've been living in must be hard enough to deal with, so I'll stop berating you. Congratulations on getting a computer, too. Those shiny metal things are called "cars" and we use them for transportation now instead of horseback. They're not trying to kill or yell at you.

Either that or you have a life.

In any case, I love the scene it comes from and I'm done being a dick, so here it is:

This is Admiral Ackbar, and while he has many other scenes in Star Wars, this is the one he's famous for.

While Admiral Ackbar was referring to a trap involving imperial ships, this phrase has since been used online for anything from devious car salesmen, to chicks who are really dudes, to links that you probably shouldn't click.

The clever folks of the internet have also warped this familiar phrase into multiple ways as you can see below:


Lightsabers. Lightsabers Everywhere

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Fact: There has never been a fictional weapon cooler than the lightsaber. It glows. It cauterizes. It becomes compact when not in use. Many real-life people have attempted to create its majesty, but none have succeeded. We can only pretend.

And edit. If there's one thing the Internet loves, it's putting lightsabers into scenes where no lightsabers were before.

If there's another thing, it's cats:

Other animals and babies are also OK:


Star Wars Kid

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Speaking of lightsabers, you know the Star Wars Kid.

One of the first viral video Internet memes in history starred a fat guy - a fat kid, actually - playing Star Wars with himself in front of a camera. People made fun of the kid for being such a huge nerd, but then magic happened. The people of these here internets edited real lightsabers onto his hands, set his dope moves to electronic music, and even made it seem like he was doing skillful and athletic moves to avoid laser blasts.

Here's a good compilation of what some people did with his video:

Not only did this kid (one Québécois, Ghyslain Raza) turn out to become a lawyer, but he also got parodied on the greatest show of all time. And for that, I am totes jelly and yes, this is how I talk IRL (< I say that sh*t too).