Total Nerd The 10 Most Well-Deserved Tosh.0 Web Redemptions

Allison Robinson
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Every week, on Tosh.o, Daniel Tosh takes an Internet-famous person from a viral Internet video and allows them to not only explain themselves, but redeem themselves in front of his television audience. Here are the 10 most well-deserved redemptions, along with the original viral videos. Tosh.o Web Redemption is one of the show's most popular segments, from any of the great entries in the Tosh.o episode guide, and this list has all the funniest ones.

What are the best Tosh.0 web redemptions? They're definitely some of the funniest Tosh.o videos, and that's saying something, since all Tosh.o episodes and guests are super funny. Enjoy these web redemption videos and let us know what you think of Daniel Tosh in the comments section.


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TRON Guy is one of the nicest, most genuine and amazing people on the Internet. And with all the jokes about his weight, his appearance and his (actually kind of awesome) costume that he had to hear, he definitely had to have some kind of good karma coming to him.

I mean the guy is a lowly geek who happens to love a certain franchise/movie. He's passionate about something! That's more than we can say about the vast majority of people.

Not only did Daniel Tosh's Web Redemption bring TRON Guy back into the spotlight, but it made him a bit of a hero -- just like he's always wanted.

Click here for Tron guy's epic Web Redemption

Click to the left to get to know TRON Guy a little better.

"David After Dentist"

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"David After Dentist" is by far the best known of all the videos that Tosh.0 has had web redemptions for. And if you are one of the 17 people who have managed not to see our tripped out little friend David and his musings on the realness of life and human existence, then kindly walk out of that there cave and click the video to the left.

The original video (left) features a little kid named David coming back from the dentist high off his ASS because he just got drugged due to surgery he had to have done. His dad took advantage of the situation and video taped David while he rambled on and on about his unique experience. His dad then posted it all over the internet, making David a world famous stoner.

We think David deserves a little redemption for that and are glad Daniel Tosh got to him.

Click here to see David act revenge on his dad who videotaped and posted the video of David's first high.

"Look At That Horse Guy"

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Video: YouTube

Get drunk or stoned or whatever it is you do, and put on the Home Shopping Network or QVC (just be sure to hide your credit cards first). Seriously, do it, because some of the funniest videos online come from the salespeople on these channels doing and saying some of the craziest s**t.

Here we have the Jack Hanna of the home shopping universe showing his viewers a beautiful, crisp clear print of a horse that was printed from the camera and printer that they were hawking. Crisp, clear and horse being the operative words.

Click here to see what "Home Shopping Jack Hanna" didn't.

"Home Shopping Fail"

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Just in case you didn't get the memo the first time, WATCH YOUR ACRONYM-ED HOME SHOPPING CHANNELS! In this redemption, Tosh gives another salesman the chance at redemption, but this time it was the product that he was selling that 'let him down.' Wonder how many ladders they ended up selling...

Click here to see yet another reason to stay-in on a Saturday night besides the flare-up.