Weird History The 10 Strangest Ancient/Outdated Sex Beliefs  

Ian Tindell
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Ancient sex stories told in the modern day regale us with some classic tales of sex disease cures, theories on creation, and of course, the great successes that came of using beaver testicles as a means of contraception. Heck, in the early 20th century, one "old wives' tale" went: if a woman sneezed after sex, she would expel the semen from her body and would not get pregnant. Well, beliefs were even weirder before we came upon something wonderful that we like to call "medical science".

What are the craziest outdated beliefs about sex? Here are 10 weird sex beliefs from a time when if you didn't know something about science, you'd just make it up.

We're All Just God's Semen

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3150 BC - 31 BC

"In the beginning, God created the universe. At first the earth was shapeless and covered in darkness, and God's spirit hovered over the waters. God said, "Let there be light." And there was light." And there was a bunch of other stuff too that culminated into a six day period of creation and a single day of rest. That's the Christian story of Creation.

Care to know about the ancient Egyptian story? That one's a bit simpler. You see Chaos, the God of creation, got a little frisky one day and decided to m********e. The result of the masturbation was the creation of the other Gods from his ejaculate. Since everything was started from that, we're all just God's semen.

Putting Mercury in Your Urethra Cures Gonorrhea

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The 1500s

According to some, the English ship of war, the Mary Rose, had an interesting means of combating the STD gonorrhea: injecting liquid mercury into the urethra.

As effective as this method sounds, it is not believed that the use of mercury, which is poisonous, ever cured a case of gonorrhea. Unless you count death as a cure. In that case yeah, it totally works.


Premature Ejaculation Drains Your Life Force

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770 BC - 222 BC

During the Chou Dynasty of China (770 BC - 222 BC), the adopted doctrine was Taoist (although Taoism was not a formal religion yet). According to this doctrine men and women were split up into the yin and the yang which was basically the life essence of a person. Women were said to possess a limitless supply of yin essence while men were said to have a limited supply of yang essence.

It was strictly believed, then, that men should never use up their yang without first getting plenty of yin. Translation? Men were expected to orgasm only AFTER their partner had orgasmed (and preferably multiple times thus obtaining more yin). If this was not adhered to then then what could be described as a man's life force would be drained from him until he eventually died.

Masturbation is Forbidden...But Just For Men

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770 BC - 222 BC

Back to this whole yin and yang thing...that also meant that masturbation by men was considered both unhealthy and forbidden. Females however, were allowed to engage in masturbation as freely as they wanted with one exception: no use of foreign objects, which was thought to injure the womb.

To top it off for male sexual repression and frustration (women masturbating all around them because of their tons of yin compared to the dangerously low levels of a man's yang) even having a wet dream was looked down upon and seen as an omen of poor health and again... impending death.

Maybe I'll just leave my yang alone.