The 100 Fastest Growing Companies

We present a list of the 100 fastest growing companies in the last year. The quickly expanding companies have up to triple digit growth and are becoming major players in their sectors. The fast growing companies list has a lot of young and upstart companies with unique and often patented technology that give them an edge on the competition. These quick rising businesses' growth percentage is noted in the discussion column.

What are the 100 fastest growing companies? This list will give you an idea of what those companies are. You may not have heard of some of these companies yet, but in due time, there's no doubt they'll be on the tips of the tongues all the big Wall Street pundits.

You may want to get in with these companies to also be part of this rise. For more details on these companies you can check out the source of our info at:
Ranked by
  • BlackBerry Limited
    Telecommunications equipment, Telecommunications, Wireless
  • Sigma Designs, Inc.
    Semiconductor and Other Electronic Component Manufacturing, Computer Peripheral Equipment, NEC
  • Sohu
    Internet Publishing and Broadcasting and Web Search Portal
  • Ebix


  • DG
    Digital media, Business Services, NEC
  • 328%