offbeat The 11 Different Kinds of Drunk People  

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Drinking brings out the best, and more often, the worst in people. But there are many different kinds of drunk people that rear their stereotypical heads on the average night out. From the passed out drunk, to the singing drunk, to the puking drunk, this list shows the different types you can encounter.

Nights out on the town can give you the best time of your life, or lead you to making the biggest mistake you've ever made - sometimes the two are one and the same thing. Whether they get up on stage and sing as if they're the next Maria Carey, or get so drunk that walking becomes a serious challenge, there are many distinct kinds of drunk people, each with their own unique charm.

If you've ever been really, really drunk (and we know you have), you're well aware of which type of drunk you are. Have a look through the list and find which of the 11 you are. If you don't think you could possibly be one of these kinds of drunks, you certainly have friends who are. This list will either bring back a lot of memories or remind you of your craziest friends. Bottoms up!
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The Drunk That Cannot Walk

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This drunk guy can't even walk through a store. At least he picks up some more beer. It seems like he needs it.

The Crying Drunk

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The sobs. The tears. The temper tantrums. The Crying Drunk will treat to the story of every break-up they've ever been through, every pet that has died, and every calorie they ate even though they were on a diet. There will be impossible questions and there will be absolutely no way of soothing them. Give them a kleenex and edge inconspicuously away.


The "I Think I Can Sing" Drunk

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This is the kind of drunk who is sure they know every song that comes up on any television, jukebox, radio station, iPod, or passing-by-vehicle. The fact of the matter is, they most likely don't even know the words. They just want everyone to party on with them and there is nothing that excites them more than when others join in. They are convinced of their superstar status, and continue in their quest for fame even when the whole room screams at them to stop.