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The 12 Craziest Reactions to Being Cheated On

Hell hath no fury like a scorned woman who's watched too many Saw movies.
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    Woman Holds Boyfriend Hostage, Tortures Him for Cheating

    Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY

    In Madera, CA, 33-year-old Sabrina Renee Robinson found out that her boyfriend at the time wasn't being "faithful" to her.

    So, as any rational person would do, she used handcuffs, leg restraints, ammunition, a shotgun and a knife to keep her boyfriend hostage. And over a small amount of time, she burned the guy's chest with candle wax like it was a 90s action movie sex scene, punched his head and body and beat him with the barrel of a shotgun. She also apparently threatened him with a knife.

    Robinson was arrested on suspected terrorist threats, two different counts of assault with a deadly weapon, false improsonment and "corporal injury", which is kind of like "domestic abuse", only it's when you charge someone for the injuries instead of the attacking.

    Because that would probably be too embarrassing to the guy in question, who was found by police literally hiding in bushes outside the house after escaping her captor/girlfriend.

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    Woman Sets a Man's Testicles on Fire for Cheating

    Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY

    This is not what Jerry Lee Lewis had in mind.

    In Australia, a place where their smallest, most harmless ant can level an entire New York City street, there's a woman named Rajini Narayan who was charged with murder in late 2008 for pouring an alcohol-based solvent on her sleeping husband's genitals and then setting him on fire, killing him in the process while their three children were home.

    She did this because she saw her husband hugging another woman.

    Neighbors had often heard from her that she was "a jealous wife", but I'm not sure that she adequately expressed the degree to which she meant this.

    After the man was hospitalized and later died from his injuries, the woman said, in a sentence she felt was absolutely sane, "I just wanted to burn his penis so it belongs to me and no one else... I didn't mean this to happen."

    So, you know, it started innocently enough. How could you blame her?

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    Cheating Man Has Penis Krazy Glued to His Stomach by 4 Vengeful Women

    Video: YouTube

    In August of 2009, Tracy Hood-Davis took the ultimate revenge on her cheating husband with the help of his three, count 'em, three other mistresses. Donessa Davis, yes this is the name of the man, was lured to a motel where all of them were waiting to take their revenge, Death Proof style.

    How did they decide to do this? By krazy gluing his penis to his stomach.

    Therese Ziemann led this luring mission with the promise of a blindfolded massage, but this kinky encounter quickly turned south when the other two women were revealed. The women then taunted Davis and ultimately made sure that this would be a private encounter that he would never forget.

    Each of the women were charged with false imprisonment with Ziemann also being charged with sex assault and battery.

    We're pretty sure that Davis will never live this down. He will probably be known forever as 'Sticky c*#k.'
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    Woman Drugs Man, Cuts of Penis, Throws in Garbage Disposal

    Video: YouTube

    In July 2011, Catherine Kieu Becker, 48, was taken into police custody on the allegations of poisoning her husband, cutting off his penis, and throwing it in the garbage disposal -- which really, is like pouring salt on the earth. There's no going back there. There's no reattaching it. That's all she wrote for that guy. No more sex. Ever. The woman claims it's because he cheated on her.

    Catherine, an apparent genius, then called 911 and told officers that he "deserved it," according to Lt. Jeff Nightengale. Which is really the part of the argument most law enforcement officers are looking for.

    Once officers arrived to the scene of the crime, they found the man bleeding from the groin area (he was missing a penis). He then told them that his wife had drugged him which is when she decided to chop off his man parts with a 10 inch kitchen knife.

    The man was hospitalized at UC Irvine Medical Center and though pieces of his penis were taken to the hospital, it was not divulged whether all the parts were able to be re-attached.

    Catherine Kieu Becker was charged with aggravated mayhem (that's right, "mayhem"), false imprisonment, assault with a deadly weapon, administering a drug with intent to commit a felony, poisoning, and spousal abuse. The two were going through divorce proceedings during the time of the incident.

    Sounds like the makings of a Lifetime movie of the week where everything ends up being his fault and the whole incident is an inspiring revenge story, Colombiana style.