The 12 Greatest Jesus Memes of All Time

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Every year, typically around Easter, there's at least one viral Jesus meme that makes the rounds. Usually irreverent, these pictures take classic Christian images or concepts and turn them into clever social commentaries or ridiculous caricatures of religious ideologies. For example, there are memes of Jesus in raptor form, and he preys on the lost sheep that the holy figure typically shepherds. There are also memes that portray Jesus as the typical bro; he tells quintessential stories like an obnoxious millennial, making viewers laugh and scoff.

Of course, some of these online viral images are incredibly offensive, but many people find them cathartic. These Jesus memes lend a bit of brevity to an occasionally strict religion. And while not always appropriate, they are almost always hilarious.

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    Jesus May Encourage The Pastor To Exaggerate Just A Little

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    There's A Reason Dinosaurs Aren't Around

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    Jesus Is Just Kidding Around

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    Jesus Is The Ultimate Designated Driver