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The 14 Greatest Real-Life Superheroes of All Time

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The LAPD has performed a bltizkreig assault on the real Superheroes of Hollywood Blvd ( ). Just in front of the world famous Grauman's Chinese Theater, dozens of Real-Life people who dress as superheroes on a daily basis were rounded up in a raid. In a sinister government plot not seen since "Heroes., Police jailed members of the" X-Men," Batman, Edward Scissorhands, Bumblebee, Mr. Incredible and Catwoman for loitering.

The Incredible Hulk and Superman were just two of the iconic loiterers who outsmarted the fuzz and returned to panhandle another day. Unlike these classic, renowned panhandlers, here are 12 people who really make a difference with their superhero costumes.

Who are famous real life heroes? What do these now-celebrity real-life superheroes even want? This list will give you the definition of what a superhero is and in some cases, the actions of these people proves that good does exist in the universe and it's often times underreported thah some heinous crimes. Hopefully these people will remind of all positive about the world by their heroic actions.
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    Underwear-Clad Hero Beats Car Thief

    Photo: flickr / CC0

    When a Norway man heard his car start in the middle of the night, he knew what he had to do. As the would-be thief attempted to steal his vehicle, the 25-year-old victim ran out of his home to stop him. Clad only in his underwear (in -17C or 1 degree Fahrenheit weather), he grabbed on to the car's door handle and made his way to the roof just as the thief sped off into the night.

    The owner of the car managed to hang on for several minutes, even when it sped up to more than 90 kilometers (56 miles) per hour. Eventually, he broke the back window with this knee (!!), climbed through, and stopped the thief as the car slid into a safety barrier.

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      Norse God Thor Stops A Home Invasion/Robbery

      Video: YouTube

      This annoying man in the video to your left lets us all know exactly what happened (for a written version of the story, click the link at the bottom of this item).

      During a home invasion, a robber was stunned to find a man dressed as the Norse God Thor inside, defending the home. The intruder was chased off from the flat in Edinburgh and left his shoes, and a pitchfork behind. The man jumped out of a window, landing on a roof and was not heard from again after he escaped the Norse God's wrath.

      Local resident Torvald Alexander was dressed up as Thor for a New Year's Eve Party. The man is 40 years old, and still completely and irrevocably awesome.
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        Spider-Man Prevents Comic Book Robbery

        Video: YouTube

        In this absolutely heartwarming story, a local comic book store owner dressed as Spider-Man to commemorate International Free Comic Book Day. He stood around his store dressed as the masked hero all day, greeting customers and enjoying the day. That is, until a man tried to steal a comic book worth well over $100.

        The owner, dressed as Spidey the whole time, noticed the shoplifter, took the book out of his bag and brought him to justice.

        The best quote from the video is the shop-owner himself getting quite cheeky and letting people know about the crew who helped him out (a couple dressed as Jedi Knights and a man dressed as The Flash): "The Jedis watched the door, while The Flash kept things running...". Well played, sir. Well played.
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          Shadow Hare Actually Cleans Up Cincinnati Crime

          Video: YouTube

          As the movie/comic book "Kick-Ass" asked, "why does nobody actually dress up and try to be a superhero?"... this leader of an Avengers-style (kind of) crew in Cincinnati who calls himself "Shadow Hare" proves that question wrong.

          He and his team of "heroes" patrol the streets of Cincinnati, OH, and solve crimes, help the homeless and walk around in broad daylight like it was Halloween at your local high school and nobody had enough money for a real costume.

          It's great to see people legitimately helping out the general public while asking for nothing in return; but it's funnier to see them dressed up like comic book heroes and handing certified police men business cards in case they "ever need help".

          Their persistence, at least, is nothing to be laughed at -- despite Shadow Hare himself talking like the narration in a badly written comic book.