The 13 Best Dystopian Novels

This best dystopian novels list includes some of the best known stories of dystopias in literature and some of the best novels of all time. Dystopias have become a fascinating genre over the last century as disillusioned writers witnessed and reacted against imperialism, two world wars, including the Nazi and Stalin regimes, and the treacherous Holocaust. These writers played with the darkest sides of humanity, unearthed by war and technology and used satiric irony to present a destructive vision of the future of society. The results were these books about dystopian societies and classic dystopian novels.

What are the top dystopian novels? What are the best selling dystopian novels? Dystopian novels are characterized by a lack of individual freedom, heroes that know something is wrong and contain many WTF moments that make you rethink the current status quo and become aware of the constructed nature of our values and standards. The best of this genre of literature gets readers thinking about their own lives, freedoms, and societies.

Cast your votes below for your top dystopian novels, or rerank this list your own way to include all the great dystopian books on your reading list. From famous titles to lesser known works, the works on this list should give you a good place to start when you're looking for your next book about dystopian society. Whether you feel better or worse after read all of them is up to you...