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The 13 Best Horror Sequels of All Time!

Updated 14 Jun 2019 51.7k views13 items

"Sequels suck." At least that's what Scream 2 said, but then again Scream 2 isn't good enough to make this list. This week marks the release of H2, the sequel to Rob Zombie's abysmal attempt to remake/re-imagine/justify ruining Halloween, and while he's got a pretty good track record with sequels (The Devil's Rejects just barely squeaked into the top thirteen) we thought we'd take the time to remind audiences that sequels can be classics too. Whether these films were better than the original (some were), re-invented the franchise (some did) or are simply entertaining films in their own right (they all are), here are a few cinematic delicacies to cleanse your palette, in case H2 leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

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