The 13 Greatest Comedy Bits About Video Games (So Far) 

John Barryman
Updated February 12, 2020 58k views 13 items

Yes, there will be better ones (and feel free to add any you feel are missing from the list), but video games are lot of people's secret shame and a lot of other people's pride and joy. Coming from both sides of the fence, here's what some of comedy's most popular comedians have to say about video games. And if you love video games, check out our list of the hardest video games to beat, classic video games that suck, easy games for beginners, best video game franchises, best PC games, best video game villains, and the best classic games.

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Kumail Nanjiani on the Call of Duty Franchise
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Christian Finnegan on Inexcusable Video Game Behavior
Demetri Martin on Violent Video Games
Demetri Martin - Harmonica
Demetri Martin Comedians Stand-Up



Does he have the right idea about the most violent video games?

Dara O'Baird on Being a Middle-Aged Gamer, Music Games, FPS Crouching
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