Total Nerd The 13 Greatest Moments in Video Game Griefing History  

Benjamin Dunn
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Griefing:deliberately irritating and harrassing other players in an online multiplayer game. From Second Life to Modern Warfare, Team Fortress 2 to Left 4 Dead, wherever there's a large group of people playing an online game together, there's a smaller group that just wants to make everyone else miserable. Call them "griefers" or "trolls", but they're all out for the same thing: making your life a living hell. Be it exit blocking in MW3, creating a steady stream of Tanks in L4D or sending flying genitalia through your Second Life, these jerks will do anything and everything.

While there are special things that can be done in almost any game, there are a few standard griefing moves in almost every game. These consist of exit blocking (when a person stands in the way of the only exit from the spawn room), team killing (killing your own teammates) or just plain being annoying over the coms.

This list has gathered some of the best moments in griefing history from some of the top games on the market as well as some great historical moments. If these give you ideas all I ask is that you stay off of my game’s server. Thanks.

What are some of the greatest moments in video game history? Who are the top 10 video game trolls? This list will answer that question and will give you a better understanding of who are the best video game trolls, or worst, depending on your point of view.

*Please note: The language contained in some of the following videos can be considered rude, racist and just plain not nice.
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Team Fortress 2: Bait and Switch

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I think it was Sun Tzu (or maybe it was Shang Tsung) that said the best way to beat your enemy, is to know your enemy. These guys really used this in the best way possible.

The person involved in this strategy really got into the enemy's head. Let's think through their logic.

Who am I playing against? Mostly dudes.
What do dudes like more than killing? Babes.
What is the best way to distract dudes? Put pictures of hot babes everywhere and knife them in the back when they aren't paying attention.

Brilliant. Just flat out, absolutely brilliant.

(A special mention has to go out to poor individuals that fell for this cheap trick, but let's face it, you kind of deserved it.)

Battlefield 3: Crime and Punishment

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This little bit of game exploitation was brought to my attention by the fine folks over at Kotaku. While the video isn't any sort of griefing in the traditional sense, it did show people how to exploit a part of the game that allowed players to level up extremely fast... which is where the griefing began.

The guy who made the video came back with a response later, expressing his sorrow at giving away such a cheap, horrible trick.

To make amends he is now going around to different game servers, finding people using the cheat, and systematically destroying them.

He's cleaning up his own mess and looking like a jerk in the process. In a way, he's the MW2 player that the servers deserve *Dark Knight music*.

Read more about the story here.

Second Life: Attack of the Flying Dongs

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Second Life is a popular Massively Multiplayer Online world. Not really a game, but a place where people go and, well, live a second life (which means that they're not really doing the best in living their first one).

Since people spend so much time (re: most of it) in this virtual world, it becomes ripe for the griefing.

Whenever something actually starts mattering to anyone... this is when it becomes ripe for the griefing.

From "hand of god" attacks (where a person runs a tool that repeats a word or phrase over and over in a person's conversation screen forcing them to reboot) to changing a person's home to look like a pedophile play land, it seems that there are just some people that can't be happy without making others miserable.

The attack that happened in the video above occurred in 2006 during an interview by CNET. 

Right before the interview with the person took place a flock of flying 3D phallus' took out the whole thing. What's even crazier, is that in 2008 someone took the concept of that attack and made it happen in real life using remote controlled planes and adult sex toys.

Read more about it here.

Team Fortress 2: Team Roomba

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Team Fortress 2 is a colorful send up to all the first person shooter multiplayer games out there. Instead of dealing with gritty surroundings and dull camo, you get to be in ultra-fun bright colors, playing as cartoon versions of FPS characters. All the classes are represented. You have the Spy, the Heavy, the Engineer, the Sniper, the Medic and the Pyro. You can even choose to have balloons come out of your bullet riddled corpse instead of blood. Yay!

All fun aside though, this is still a serious team game. People spend days on the servers trying to defend their intel and bases. Of course, anytime that people start taking a game seriously, that's when it is ripe time for THE griefing.

Team Roomba is what one would consider a "professional" griefing team. And by that I mean that they're sponsored and everything. They go around TF2 and record themselves causing havoc. Though they can be seen performing team kills, their specialty seems to be creating amazing teleport traps that force opponents into automatic deaths. Frustratingly brilliant.