The Greatest News Reporter Freakouts  

Jude Newsome
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Being a news reporter is a thankless job. You're basically just reading to people too lazy to look at a newspaper or a website, which explains my favorite kind of news blooper. Because there are endless kinds on the internet, YouTube is riddled with them. But the freakout. Oh, the freakout. The freaout is the most uncomfortable, surreal, and hilarious kind. Whenever these happen, which is actually more often than you'd expect, the results are absolutely hilarious.

So what news reporter had the "best" meltdown? That depends on your point of view. If you love TV reporters freaking out, then take a look at the funny videos list and watch poetry in motion.
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Reporter Almost Swears, Acts Like Little Girl
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Animal segments are always amazing. In any medium. Because if there's one thing that struggling actors love, it's having to learn something new.

In this clip, a lizard just wants to explore its new surroundings, but the reporter wasn't ready for it.

I don't want to ruin this one, as it doesn't really need an explanation. Another Internet classic.
Anchor Vs. Reporter
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Holy sh*t. Two reporters fall just short of literally taking their dongs out and using them as pool-noodle-lightsabers.

The confrontation between these two is one for the ages.

Female Reporter Discovers That She is The Hulk
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Onlookers are the bane of any reporter's existence. From the "Hi Mom" to people looking to get on TV waving like idiots, it makes an already difficult job almost unbearable.

This poor lady not only has to do a fluff piece, probably getting called "toots" in the office, but when a Canadian-sounding Mr. Clean lookalike comes around, she has to take care of him too. He is pretty great though, with a nice "Suck it" comment and some sweet dance moves.

To bad she is not having it after the third time. This is when she lets out a literal "Greaaugh!" and chases after the guy so bad that the heavyset sound operator decides he needs to get involved.

Take a Walk, Assh*ole
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This guy reacts in the coolest, most matter-of-fact way to some guy taunting him off-camera.

The way he says the phrase, which makes this video so great, because it shows that he's probably the kind of drunk who would punch a stranger over looking at him funny. This is a real man. Will real-man rage issues.

With so little given, you are left to wonder what the beef was between these two. I'd like to think that the guy used to be a big fan of the reporter's, but over the years he noticed that Mr. Reporter was getting too big for his britches and then, one fateful day, he sees him reporting from the mall and is finally able to give him a piece of his mind.