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The 14 Greatest Pets in Video Game History

From a dog who will rip out a man's throat at your command, to a self-sacrificing horse, to a dinosaur that can literally swallow your enemies whole, here's a list that shows not only the greatest domesticated animals in video game history, but how integral and important they are to all of gaming in general.

Pets are truly part of the family. We've compiled the names of some of the best virtual pets and video game animals around to thank them for their help in defeating (gaming) enemies. Here are the pets that deserve a spot in the video game hall of fame.

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    Dog - Fable 2

    Video: YouTube

    Not only does this adorable little mutt help you find treasure throughout the entire game, but he's the only friend you have left after your father's tragic passing.

    This dog is truly your best friend, and whether you go evil or stay on the good side of things, he'll stand by your side.

    How many friends would do that for you? That's right, only dogs.

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    Agro - Shadow Of The Colossus

    Video: YouTube

    Oh, Agro. (Spoilers below and in video, by the way.)

    Shadow of the Colossus is arguably one of the greatest games of all time, and definitely one of the most beautiful, especially for its time. The story of a man who wants to bring his true love back to life, but must first fight a variety of different, ancient giants; this game is one you spend on your own for most of the time. It's a music-less, realistic, gorgeous wasteland of wonder.

    Throughout all of this, you have only one friend: Agro. Agro is the name of your horse in Shadow of the Colossus. He breathes like a real horse, which makes him that much more awesome; he gets tired and he gets you through these cumbersome maps quicker than you otherwise would. Seriously, these maps are unnecessarily huge, but it all adds to the beauty, solitude, and wonderment in this game. Agro gets you everywhere you need to go.

    There's also a whole slew of cool tricks you could do with him, which you can click here to see a tutorial for.

    He's faithful until the end. He fights battles with you, rides with you to the middle of nowhere to help your true love — and then he makes the ultimate sacrifice.

    In one of the levels leading up to the end, Agro is taking you to the top of a mountain, as he's done many times before, but he is only a horse. He's only flesh and blood. You can see him getting tired in this scene when he's running up the stairs. The bridge gives out and not only does Agro buck you off, thus saving your life, but he accepts his fate and falls down to his watery demise. A horrible way to go for the greatest pet in video game history, but that very action is what made him so great.

    He did anything that was needed of him all the way until he sacrifices himself for you. We love you, Agro.

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    Rush - Mega Man

    Video: YouTube

    So, good luck finding a more awesome pet than this. Ever faithful, Rush is the fantastically named classic rock name of Mega Man's main dog, seen in this vintage trailer for Rock Man 3 (Mega Man).

    Mega Man uses Rush for many purposes. He turns into a one-seater jet, a one-seater submarine, a spaceship (in later Mega Man games), a drill-car, and even a motorcycle.

    Also, he's happy, playful, and in some ways, gets Mega Man out of so much trouble that Mega Man really wouldn't be able to survive without him.

    In later games, Rush even becomes a jetpack and powers Mega Man up so that he can shoot greater blasts and use his arms as rockets. 

    He's also a pretty cool-looking robot, even though he's been tragically made a part of that whole Mega Man universe Island-of-Doctor-Moreau-with-Robots thing.

    To bring it into real life, here's a video of a guy who's actually pretty funny, dressing his dog up like Rush.

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    Dog - Half-Life Series

    Video: YouTube

    The aptly named "Dog" is a robot built by Alyx Vance's daughter in the Half-Life series to protect her. It has the personality of a dog and is absolutely huge. Dog will risk his life, limb, and circuit to keep her safe, which is why Dog also protects Gordon.

    In this video, Dog is proving exactly why he's so great. A terrifyingly huge alien strider comes at you and it seems that all hope is lost — until Dog comes along.

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