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The 14 Greatest Pop Culture Video Game Parodies  

Ariel Kana
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From playable games, to videos illustrating hilarious game concepts, here's what it would look like if anyone ever made 8-Bit games about TV shows and films like The Jersey Shore, The Human Centipede and yes, even more disgustingly, Twilight (and more!). If this were the 90s, all these games would actually exist.  These video game parodies of movies and tv shows are the best. Plus most of them are playable is some way.

Thankfully, the gaming industry has gotten a lot smarter and doesn't make a video game out of everything that moves and is colorful.
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The Human Centipede Video Game (Playable)

One of the most disgusting movie concepts to come out in the last few years, Human Centipede follows the exploits of an insane German doctor obsessed with joining hapless victims together ass-to-mouth.

What better way to follow up this grotesque masterpiece than turning it into an homage to a beloved 80's video game, Centipede? I mean, it's got half the name in it already. Slam dunk.

But these guys actually went ahead and made the game, which is fantastic.

The game plays pretty much exactly how you remember it with a few movie twists. Instead of being a mushroom elf (That's what the original hero was right?) you are the insane doctor shooting a rifle at you human centipede as it winds it's way down the screen. Each time you take out one of the people segments it leaves behind a tombstone and the remaining people crawl faster. Instead of having to watch out for spiders like in the real game, you have to watch out for policemen.

It's actually a pretty fun game if you are looking to kill some time/people.

Human Centipede: The Game
The Jersey Shore 8-Bit Beat 'Em Up

See more at CollegeHumor

I would play the sh*it out of this game.

Listen. We all love Jersey Shore. Even if you are currently saying you don't, deep down in your core your inner-guido is nodding his super gelled head. What's not to love about a show about people who are so far below what is considered human getting into fights, having sex with other random horrible people and just being drunk idiots in general?

That's right, nothing (except the people).

Hating a show like this is like hating "Meerkat Manor" because the meerkats are being too meerkat-y.

Well, the mad geniuses at College Humor have given all the Guidos and Guidettes something to cheer about: An 8-bit, Final Fantasy-esque episode of Jersey Shore. It's perfect.

The game starts the same as most episodes of The Shore (and most RPGs for that matter) with the gang finding a key ingredient missing from their lives. There are no skanks in the hot tub. So they set off to the local watering hole to scare some up. Of course, once there they are attacked by a grenade (unattractive female) and the fight ensues. Luckily, they are at full strength and able to use a special attack, unleashing the dreaded "Pauly D Clears The Dance Floor", which successfully disarms the grenade.

All is not well though as the party's tank, Ronnie, discovers his girl givin' eyes to another bro. This triggers the final fight, which doesn't last long as a wild Snooki appears and smushes everything in sight. The game ends with the triumphant gang returning to a hot tub full of skanks.

Honestly, this video is so well made it makes me wish that I was able to fully play this game. I would love to be able to unleash a power attack involving throwing a pickle at an enemy and having their faces eaten off by Snooki and Deena.
The Room Video Game (Playable)

While most of these selections on this list are just videos of games telling a story, or parodying what a game of that movie would be like, the guys who made The Room game actually took it a step further and made a full on point and click adventure out of it.

Everything all these videos are joking about? Someone did it. For The Room!

For those of you that haven't heard of The Room, it's often touted as the worst film ever made. Cinema screenings of it have gotten a huge cult following and the people who made it (namely, the main character Tommy Wisseau) have actually gotten quite famous over it. The acting, writing and everything is horrible and the greatest part is how seriously everyone involved took it while they were making it. They've since become self aware, but seeing this is like watching a part of history.

The end of the following trailer was added later, once they became self aware. It didn't used to call itself a comedy until everyone started laughing at it.

You should see it. Aaanyway...

Reminiscent of the LucasArts games, like Maniac Mansion or the King's Quest series, you play as Johnny, the main character from the movie. As you play the game, you are taken through all the major "plot" points of the movie. From going to a job where you do... something, but not get the respect you deserve, to paying for everything for everyone because you have over 5 billion dollars for some reason. There is even a neat football tossing mini-game thrown in at the oddest times for no reason what so ever. Just like the movie.

This game is so faithful that you are left with the same feeling after playing it as you are after watching the movie, wondering why you wasted your time with such a piece of horribly written garbage... and with a smile.

Click here to play The Room video game
Kill the Kardashians

This is a lot like the base, horribly reactionary and overdone humor that you can find on shows like Celebrity Deathmatch, where we oversay how much we hate people for just being absolute pieces of garbage. I mean none of us would kill the Kardashians... but in this game it's just so damn satisfying.

We all know who the Kardashians are, and if you don't count yourself lucky that you have had that rock to live under for the past 7 years (I mean, it's probably a better world under that rock and I would join you if I could, but still, a rock is where you live).

After having every single one of that damn family shoved down every possible orifice I have, it's nice to find a game that will let me live out all the homocidal thoughts that have brewed over time, that I would never actually act upon.

In Kill the Kardashians, you are allowed to take out all of your murderous rage in a Whack-A-Mole style game, but instead of having to harm cute little moles, you get to shoot Kim in her stupid face. Finally, there will be redemption for having to hear about how poor Kim just "couldn't make it work" with her husband of 72 days, Kris Humphries.

Click here to play the Kill The Kardashians Game