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Culture The 13 Greatest Unnecessarily Censored Kids Show Clips  

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Unnecessarily censored kids show clips are a shining example of how something completely innocent can be made X-rated with the addition of a simple bleep. These censored video clips from children's shows are just a little bit more hilarious the second time around when people are trying to make them dirtier than they really are.

What are some of the best unnecessarily censored kids' show clips? One of the greatest things that YouTube, as a community, has ever done is the act of unnecessary censorship of Kids shows. This is when someone adds bleep-sounds to kids shows at moments where there's no swearing in the actual show, but the bleep makes it sound like there is -- with hilarious consequences. It sounds hokey, but when people pull it off, they really do some great things with this. So, we've taken it upon ourselves to make a list of all the greatest most well-done unnecessarily censored moments from kids shows, cause there's a lot of crap out there. Unnecessary censorship sesame street, mmm. Enjoy.
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The Count Really Really Loves to...

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Video: YouTube

This is by far one of the best censorship jobs done to an innocent clip. This is the best one that isn't a montage, because it fits into the context of the video, as well as the language, almost perfectly and with few loopholes.

It's a video of The Count from Sesame Street singing about his love of counting.

Yes, you are immature for laughing at this, but yes, it is absolutely f%#&ing hilarious.
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Daffy Duck Won't Put Up With $*%&

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Here's a classic clip of the rabbit who always crossdresses to solve his problems, the persistent hunter with the speech impediment, and the angry duck with the saliva control problem performing one of their favorite bits on a very "meta" stage (back when people discovered, and then drove into the ground, that breaking theh 4th wall in cartoons was funny.)

Fudd, as usual, tries to shoot one of them during a dance number, and Daffy has had enough.

He voices his opinion.

REAL TALK: It's 100% understandable why Daffy would be so mad since live ammo on set is what killed both Bruce and Brandon Lee.
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The Power Puff Girls Talk Tough

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The Power Puff Girls was already a moderately violent cartoon, and profanity mixes with violence like cake and ice cream. The best part of the show anyway is that all the ass kicking is done by cute little girls, and now they have the sailor-mouths to back up their freakish, fingerless fists.

The best part of the video has to be at 2:32 as the lone wheel rolls towards Buttercup, and she utters a simple word.

Either that or at 01:58 when Blossom explains what she doesn't enjoy about her fellow Power Puff compatriots.
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Zelda Has Some Strict Rules for Link

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A long time ago before the internet, this was one of the most difficult to find cartoon series ever. Everyone remembers the "Excuuuuuse ME, Princess" line that is 100% a product of a cheesy, 80s cartoon version of one of the greatest Video Game franchises of all time.

It was also rare to even find this show, that was a small part of the Super Mario Brothers show that starred two really, really Italian looking guys introducing cartoons where their characters sounded nothing like them.

So here we have the Legend of Zelda cartoon, which has been improved upon in this collection of clips by changing all the characters from annoying, slow witted marketing tools into annoying, slow witted marketing tools with potty mouths.

It's amazing how replacing a few choice words can really change a steaming pile s*#! into something quite watchable, all thanks to implied profanity.

BONUS: With all the added bleeps, it's actually very confusing at 0:40 when Link tries to jump on the princess as he yells, "Oh boy, ****ing time!"

Did that part actually genuinely need censorship? What the H-E double hockey sticks could he possibly have said?
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