Humor The 13 Greatest Viral Videos of Girls Crying  

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Some are heartwarming, some are infuriating, all are hilarious. These are the most entertaining, and amazingly memorable videos of girls crying in internet history. From reactions to TV and movies, to being waaay too drunk, to crying over how much they like In N Out Burger, these are the greatest videos featuring an hilarious, uncontrollably crying girl that the internet has ever had to offer.

What are the most hilarious viral videos of girls crying? There are some pretty funny ones on this list, and while we feel bad making fun of anyone crying, you can have a few giggles at these girls expense should you so choose.

Girl Cries After Watching Movies: Return of the Jedi, A.I.

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Any fans of the original Star Wars trilogy remember the first time they saw the (real) conclusion of what is arguably the most important trilogy in pop culture history. It was emotional. Ewoks banging on storm trooper helmets like drums, Admiral Ackbar, Landon Calrisian and chewbacca dancing together out of nowhere, that (and I don't care what you have to say) awesome tribal celebratory Ewok song. It's a lot o take in.

But when this guy made his wife watch Return of the Jedi for the first time, she broke out into tears.

The greatest part about her crying about the fact that Anakin Skywalker never got to see his babies with his real eyes and that he died, is that when her husband says that it's okay, she says "It's not okay and I don't think it's funny."

Girl: Is R2D2 put back together?
Husband: Yes, they put him back together.
Girl: But I didn't see him put back together!

Then this guy had the cold heart to show this girl A.I. (Artificial Intelligence.)

The first thing she said when she started to cry? "I just thought it was going to be about robots". So did we, star of now-entire-website, so did we.

Girl Cries Due to In-N-Out Burger-Fueled Happiness

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This woman is clearly on the brink of some kind of emotional breakthrough with her years-long therapist, and she might just have had it while eating a hamburger.

Sure, maybe In N Out Burger is really that good. It's pretty damn good. That's why people were so excited when they opened one (the first one) in Texas. People went nuts.

I mean the guy in the original news report literally camped out to be the first guy in line, and then bought a 3x3 (a burger with three pieces of meat and three pieces of cheese), that's clearly a religious experience. He was excited, even wore an In N Out Burger hat, and everyone was happy. He's a jolly guy.

But then they interviewed this woman sitting outside with a hat, tanktop and welling eyes.

A woman who, for all intents and purposes, is moderately attractive and seems to pass for what most people would call "normal". When asked why In N Out means so much to her, she mentions the taset, but more so about the fact that she hasn't had it for years. She starts talking about what a fast food chain as if it's a long lost relative, which is okay at first.

Then she breaks into tears on what is now national television. Once again, at first you kind of empathize, and even feel for her, she's having a moment. But then she keeps going, and the absurdity of a grown woman crying over a hamburger dawns on you.


3-Year-Old Girl Cries Because She Loves Justin Bieber

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Click the picture above for the origin´╗┐al video (which has over 30 Million views)

Like the girl from the In N Out Burger video, sometimes people just can't hold the waterworks in when they love something. The crack of a beer bottle cap coming off after a hard day at work, the sound of your child's surprising eloquence at a young age, whenever Jessica Alba bends over, there's really a whole lot in life to be thankful for. And sometimes that's just overwhelming.

This 3-year-old girl found herself overwhelmed one day just at the thought of loving Justin Bieber so much. Something about Justin Bieber touches her in such a profound way, that it led to minutes upon minutes of tears filmed, of course, by her family.

The best part about this video is the interview conducted by her mother.

Why do you cry?
Because I can't see Justin Bieber all day.

Why do you love Justin Bieber?
Because I know he loves me back.

We don't have to cry because we love Justin Bieber...
Yeah we do! Sometimes!

But why are we crying?
Because he makes me cry with his songs.

Why do they make you cry?
Because I just love Justin Bieber.

Honey, you do know you're only 3 years old, right?
Yes I do!

When you're 3 you're not supposed to cry over boys...
But I love Justin Bieber!

What do you want Justin Bieber to do?
I just want him to be one of our family!!!

Do you want to listen to some of his songs, would that you make me feel better?
No, that'll just make me cry again! [Her sister starts singing a Justin Bieber song, girl cries even more]

And at some point, her sister says "if he sees this and comes over, she's gonna be my favorite sister forever".

And hey, what do you know, it actually happened thanks to Jimmy Kimmel. Heartwarming. (This is the heartwarming one.)


Girl Drunk Crying Over "Making It Snow"

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This video is hilarious. It's pretty much known, internet-wide, that she says that she "just wanted to make it snow".

Here's what happened:
So, this girl and her friends go out and get drunk, they went back to their sorority house, they started taking pictures, and they found a fire hydrant. Naturally, what college girls do when really pretty much anything is around, is that they start posing with anything around them. So, they started posing with the fire hydrant.

After a while, the girl starts spraying the fire hydrant everywhere. And, according to her, she was spraying it for a good long while and "felt like a badass" while she was doing it, thus "making it snow".

Turns out the entire sorority had to be evacuated because of the huge mess that she made with the fire hydrant and everyone ended up having to sleep downstairs.

She then retreated to a car with her friend and cried about it, as you will see in this video. The rest is history.

They made her clean the kitchen for a semester and disaffiliated her from the sorority.

She even got a Tosh.0 Web Redemption: