The 13 Most Bizarre Foreign McDonald's Commercials  

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McDonalds may have started in America over 50 years ago, but today it exists in almost every country on Earth. And who's going to buy fast food from another country without commercials -- off-putting, kinda creepy and seemingly completely irrelevant, fever-dream commercials. These commercials are way different that what Americans are used to, especially from McDonald's.

What are some of the strangest McDonalds commercials? There are some weird ones abroad, believe it or not. But McDonald's is an international company now, so their commercials need to reflect the specific country and its culture.

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The USA are Complete Jerks: The Commercial
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This Israeli commercial really makes the American Government look like a bunch of hyper-controlling, overbearing, pushy jerkholes led by a douche who doesn’t give a baby giraffe about the rules (this was in 2007).

Who says McDonalds can’t get political?

The lessons about the perception of the United States learned in this commercial are that the (former) president of the United States is an enormous dick and an unmitigated cock-block to anyone who works for an American company and that the USA is ALWAYS. EFFING. WATCHING YOU.

Definitely a creepy commercial for most, but one that really does poke fun at the U.S. quite well, done by a foreign advertising company for an American brand in a foreign land.
If the Turkish Had Invented Everything
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This commercial is very much a "you kind of have to live there to get it" type of commercial, which plays on Turkey's conservative nature to give us a montage of a world where the Turkish invented the first everything. From robots, to hamburgers, to space travel.

Apparently what they would do is bumble around, get nothing done, and focus on what Turkey needs as opposed to what the world needs. After that clean, good-natured message where Turkish robots knock over everyone's letters during a game of Scrabble, we are treated to a shot of a hamburger more delicious than anything an American McDonald's has ever seen.

The climax of the commercial is seeing what it would've been like had the Turkish invented McDonald's hamburgers, but unlike everything else, it really looks like they probably would've done a better job. The layers of rich melted non-cheddar cheese make this burger look like something you'd pay $12 for at a diner.


Also, WTF Turkey?
Crazy Hat Girl is Crazy and Hatty
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You know how you watch the first 20 seconds of a commercial and it's about something totally unrelated to the product it's trying to sell- but then all of a sudden the camera focuses on the Wrangler jeans logo, or the Nike swoosh on a pair of shoes and you go "ohhhhhh"?

Imagine that, but without the "ohhhhhh" moment (*snicker*)

This commercial features a cute girl trying on a hat (hatS???) in more ways than any non-effeminate man could ever have imagined, and then hits the viewer with the Golden Arches at the end. No food.

I repeat: no food in this food commercial. Just a cute girl. Now they're not even trying.
Domestic Abuse is Worth It
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Click here for the McDonald's commercial.

Playing to Meatloaf's passionate opus "I Would Do Anything for Love", this commercial features a young couple in love, on a boat, on a date, getting ready and finishing off their day with a delicious McDonald's sandwich... until the girl tries to steal a fry from the guy.

The guy grabs her wrist violently, stares at her and she has to defend herself by pulling some Jackie Chan karate move. Sure, this is meant in good fun, but the way the guy lends hands on this girl is insane.

If this guy hulks out over her stealing one lousy fry, it's safe to say that there will be many a large sunglasses in her immediate f*ture.

The message = any respect you've earned for women, relationships or common decency can be thrown out the window if bitch gets all up in your French fries' bidness.