fails The 12 Most Brutal Cheerleading FAILs  

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Cheerleading FAILs come in all forms. Here are the most brutal cheerleader falls, cheerleader pyramid fails, and accidents. However, these are some of the most brutal, disgusting, and all around painful injuries to happen to cheerleaders. Watch as beautiful professional cheerleaders, competing cheerleaders, and amateur cheerleaders suffer injuries usually reserved for the people they're cheering for.

Some of these will make you stomach turn, so prepare yourself for broken bones, face kicks, and good old violent sports entertainment. If you're into this kind of stuff make sure to check out 18 Superbowl FAILS and Hottest NFL Wives.

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Trampled By The Team This one is just downright brutal. It only takes a few seconds, but the action begins about :13 seconds into the video. How can you not hear forty 200+ pound guys coming? It’s almost like the running of the bulls, except this ...

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Trampoline Disaster A cheerleader out of her natural element usually spells disaster, especially at :08 seconds in. This is why you leave the basketball to the professional’s ladies and gentleman. This girl is third in line and probably gets a ...

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Broken Nose and Broken Dignity At around :14 seconds you can actually hear the crack, as both the young man's nose and dignity are broken. This is why they tell girls to keep their legs closed.

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Face Meet Floor Now this gets right to the point, and it doesn’t look like the point felt too good for the parties involved. A wood floor and a mean face plant always spell disaster. The fall is so slow; how did they not catch her? The laugh ...

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Snap Now this looks painful, really, really painful. At about :38 seconds you will see a young girl going about her warmups as usual, and then BAM. Make sure to watch her left leg as she tries to stick the landing.

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Wrong Direction This toss was supposed to propel the girl in the air where she would do a back flip and land... but someone didn't get that memo. She is tossed and face-plants...

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Floor Meet Body At about :19 seconds in you’ll be able to see the exact moment this poor girl's hip will never be the same. Isn't that the point of having four people under you... so that you don't hit the ground?

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The Walls Come Tumbling Down Now this is called getting the whole team involved. Is it really ever a good idea to have two 15-year-old girls holding you 13 feet off the ground while you twirl around? Start watching around :08 seconds and then decide. No one ...

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A Kick To The Head It seems that the blonde girl being so uninterested in the situation actually led to her own demise. That nice flying kick will probably have her paying a bit more attention next time.

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Halftime Miscue Isn’t the halftime entertainment supposed to coordinate beforehand? It would be amazing to know what was going through the guys head as he takes off from the trampoline at :20...did he not see the human being in front of him?? ...

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Backwards Neck Breaker A Michigan State cheerleader can't stick her landing in a lift and falls, she accidentally takes another girl with her... while the first girl is caught by her partner, the second is not. The second girl crashes to the court and ...

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The Flying Knee This video really wasn’t going to make the cut until about :48 seconds in and the aftermath. Watch the knee to face action in all of its glory. Three girls and a spotter couldn't prevent this from happening? Give them credit ...