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Firework accidents, with videos, are a shocking reminder of what can happen when fireworks go wrong. This list of the most horrible accidents that have been caught on tape involving fireworks. Once you've seen one nasty firework injury, you'll never look at festive pyrotechnics the same way. These terrifying videos of fireworks accidents and mishaps will make you think twice before getting fancy with your next big fireworks display.

What are the worst firework disasters caught on video? Fireworks are a staple of celebrations here in the U.S. and throughout the world, but something that people tend to forget about them is that THEY ARE EXPLOSIVES. So turn on "Stars & Stripes Forever" and enjoy the explosions and the horrible, horrible tragedies (in no particular order). If your reaction to a firecracker accident reveals that you're the type of person that gets laughs at the expense of others' well-being, I suggest checking out these cheerleader fails.

Man Dies After Setting Firework Off On His Head

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A man in Calais, ME, was killed instantly when he tried to set a firework off on his head over the July 4th holiday in 2015. Twenty-two-year-old Devon Staples had been drinking with friends when he had the idea. Witnesses said he thought the firework was a "dud." His death was the first fireworks fatality in Maine since it legalized fireworks on January 1, 2012.


Enschede, Holland. A Fireworks Depot Explodes.

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Enschede, Holland has a problem. First off, no one I've spoken to has a clue how to pronounce the name of the town. Secondly, someone thought stockpiling more fireworks than Wil E. Coyote was a good idea.

23 people tragically died, but that's what happens when your town has a building labeled Firework Depot.

In May of 2000, a small fire led to two massive explosions at the SE Fireworks Depot in Enschede, Holland, leaving 23 people dead, including 4 firemen. 947 people were injured and an estimated 2,000 homes were damaged or destroyed, leaving over 1250 people homeless. And at least one animated character without the means necessary to catch himself a road runner.

The residents didn't even know that there was a fireworks factory located next to their homes (they thought it was a depot from the beer factory). Since Beer smells so much like gun powder, right?

2 Killed in North Carolina Fireworks TRUCK Explosion

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A fireworks truck (that's right, more REALLY intelligent upkeep of fireworks going on here, people) exploded, killing 2 workers and hurting 3 others as they prepared for the 4th of July fireworks display on the Ocracoke docks.

Witnesses say the blast could be heard across town and the Associated Press quoted some random person with absolutely no expertise in the field who said that it sounded like "40 minutes of fireworks went off in 40 seconds".

Unfortunately, further commentary from this master of all things firework could not be obtained.

Garage Full of Fireworks Catches Fire

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Amateur and Fireworks are two words you never want to hear together. Unless you own stock in America's Funniest Home Videos (Is that possible? Can you buy stock in a tv show?).

$3,000 worth of fireworks blew up in the 2 car garage of a man who wears American flag bandanas (F**K YEAH). His brother in law, was apparently the guy who set the whole thing off.

I imagine the scenario going down something like this:

"Hey Bob, where should I put these fire works. Awesome Flag bandana by the way."

"Thanks, the bandana matches the underoos. Put 'em down anywhere but on the water heater."

"Gotcha, on the water heater it is."

The homeowners somehow escaped unhurt, but face possible felony charges. Apparently they've been doing this display for the 4th of July every year for "many, many years".

Scroll to 01:21 in the video, for a local neighbor's reaction who had no idea that this many fireworks were being kept near her. According to the woman she either thought it was a small engine going out... or a plane. Really? A small engine... or a PLANE? Not sure what kind of car this woman drives, but you better stay the hell away from whatever kind of engine she has in it.