Scientology The 12 Sexiest (Famous) Female Scientologists  

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Some have converted for marriage and other were born with Scientologist parents, but all of these women are open, proud and card carrying Scientologists. So in one place, here are the hottest celebrity female Scientologists the world has ever seen (thus far).

Katie Holmes is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list The 12 Sexiest (Famous) Female Scientologists
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First of all, for everything you need to know about Scientology (in case you're unaware or undereducated about the movement, check out Stuff You Should Know: The Church of Scientology.

Katie Holmes. Oh, Katie Holmes. You are the hottest because you are Joey from Dawson's Creek and I will never grow up.

The adorable Katie Holmes, who was raised Roman Catholic (which, by the looks of this list, is the perfect gateway religion to Scientology), joined the Church of Scientology shortly after Tom Cruise put her in his clutches and tried to keep her in his castle forever. She escaped when they divorced in 2012. 

Strangely, right after she got together with Cruise, she fired her long-time manager and agent and hired her new "best friend," Jessica Rodriguez, who is from a prominent family of Scientologists.

Holmes and Cruise were married in 2006 at the 15th-century Odescalchi Castle in Bracciano, Italy, in a Scientology ceremony that, much like that of Kelly Preston and John Travolta, wasn't valid "legally" (probably for the same reasons that my Jedi wedding to my wife Trolgda isn't valid).

The couple actually validated their marriage in Los Angeles the day before the Italian ceremony, but didn't make it MySpace official (it was 2006) until after the Scientology ceremony.

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Erika Christensen is the main girl in Swimfan, was in Traffic, and on that NBC Drama called Parenthood.

She's a purebred Scientologist, through and through. Her parents became Scientologists during their mid 20s and raised her to be a Scientologist her entire life, even going as far as to home-school her.

Most importantly, she can't really go anywhere without flashing an insane amount of cleavage.

I mean, look.

And I mean look here. BAM.

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Laura Prepon is known for playing Donna on That 70s Show, and more recently, lesbian prisoner Alex Vause in Orange is the New Black. She dated Scientologist Christopher Masterson (brother of fellow That 70s Show actor, Danny Masterson) for seven years. She has been a Scientologist since 1999. see more on Laura Prepon

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Bijou Phillips is that cute girl from Hostel II, Choke, a billion straight to DVD horror movies (which really makes her that much more awesome in my book) and, most importantly, she's the sister of the now-infamous Phillips sisters (who were fathered by John Phillips of The Mamas and the Papas).

In case you weren't paying attention to unimportant news in 2009, John Phillips was found to have been having an incestuous relationship with his daughter for over a decade and had, apparently, mixed up his role as a Papa, and mistook MacKenzie Phillips for a Mama. A Mama she was not.

Bijou Phillips is a model, actress and singer who's married to fellow Scientologist Danny Masterson (who you might know as the white guy with the afro from That 70s Show).

Here she is having a very fortunate bikini malfunction.

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