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First, do no harm. Most doctors respect and obey this critical medical rule. They want to help, not hurt, their patients. But there are a few who seem to have missed this important message. They may look at their patients and see an opportunity to make money. Or they may see a chance to vent their rage. Or they may simply not care enough to be careful when taking care of people.

Whether it's breaching the bounds of professional safety to cater to an aging pop star (ahem, Dr. Conrad Murray), showing up drunk for an emergency room shift, being unable to diagnose something as basic as pregnancy, or wreaking havoc on your patients' genitals, there are doctors out there who you're better off steering clear of. Read on to learn about some of the worst doctors of all time: thirteen doctors who should be avoided, at all costs.

Who are the worst doctors of all time? Take a look and see who are the doctors to avoid.
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Dr. Yasser Awaad

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At least the previous doctor was probably just an idiot. Dr. Yasser Awaad, a pediatric neurologist in Detroit, stands accused of falsely diagnosing 255 patients with epilepsy in order to make money via insurance reimbursements. Like with Dr. Holton, patients had unnecessary drug regimes, but Dr. Awaad took things a step further and also performed unnecessary surgeries to implant devices for controlling seizures. Devices his patients didn't need since they didn't actually have epilepsy. So remember kids: get a second opinion before letting someone operate on your brain!

Misdiagnosed for Greed?
Lawsuit Claims Doctor Misdiagnosed for Cash
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Dr. Naum Ciomu is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list The 13 Worst Doctors of All Time
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Dr. Naum Ciomu

In Romania, Nelu Radonescu went to see Dr. Naum Ciomu for help with his testicular malformation. During the 2004 operation, Dr. Ciomu lost his temper, cut off Radonescu's penis, and then sliced it into three pieces. A plastic surgeon tried to save Radonescu's organ, but couldn't. Dr. Ciomu was only barred from practicing medicine for three years. He also had to pay Radonescu damages, including money for an operation try to reconstruct the penis from arm tissue. Shockingly, the doctor's union in Romania objected to the order to pay damages, stating that the precedent might lead doctors to refuse to perform operations. Given the outcome for poor Nelu Radonescu, maybe that's better.

Crimes Below the Belt
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Dr. Graeme Reeves

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The previous doctor believed he could surgically alter his patients to create sexually-supercharged women. Dr. Graeme Reeves went in the opposite direction. Carolyn DeWaegeneire went to see Dr. Reeves, an Australian gynecologist, to have him remove a possibly pre-cancerous lesion from her labia. During the operation, he leaned over and told her he was going to remove her clitoris too. He added that since the patient's husband was dead, it didn't matter if he removed it, which he proceeded to do. He was sentenced to two years in jail for inflicting grievous bodily harm. His victim believed the sentence was too light, asking what sentence the court would give "if a penis and scrotum had been cut off" instead.

Doctor Jailed for Mutilation
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Doctors Who Can't Tell Left from Right

Benjamin Houghton, an Air Force Veteran, checked into a VA Medical Center in 2006 to have his potentially cancerous left testicle removed. Doctors there removed his healthy right testicle instead. Sadly, word of this medical error didn't reach doctors in Italy. In 2010 a 27-year-old man with a tumor in his left testicle got on the operating table, where surgeons removed his right testicle. The surgeons then quickly realized their mistake and removed the left testicle, too. So guys, to be safe, for testicle-related care you probably want to avoid VA centers. And Italy.

Veteran Files Claim
Italian Gets 180,000 Euros
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