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The 13 Worst Doctors of All Time

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First, do no harm. Most doctors respect and obey this critical medical rule. They want to help, not hurt, their patients. But there are a few who seem to have missed this important message. They may look at their patients and see an opportunity to make money. Or they may see a chance to vent their rage. Or they may simply not care enough to be careful when taking care of people.

Whether it's breaching the bounds of professional safety to cater to an aging pop star (ahem, Dr. Conrad Murray), showing up drunk for an emergency room shift, being unable to diagnose something as basic as pregnancy, or wreaking havoc on your patients' genitals, there are doctors out there who you're better off steering clear of. Read on to learn about some of the worst doctors of all time: thirteen doctors who should be avoided, at all costs. They probably spent too much time staring at these weird medical pictures.

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    Dr. Loren Borud

    In 2008, Dr. Loren Borud, a plastic surgeon in Massachusetts with a history of drug and alcohol abuse, fell asleep while performing liposuction on a patient, a great indicator of a truly awful doctor. However, there was another terrible doctor on duty that day: Borud's supervisor, Dr. Donald Moorman, the vice chair of the surgical department of the hospital where Dr. Borud was operating, was told that same day that Dr. Borud was operating while impaired.

    Dr. Moorman had options: he could have called the operating room or sent another surgeon to check that everything was okay. Instead, he did nothing, perhaps because he didn't want to interrupt Dr. Borud's beauty sleep? Either way, if your doctor looks tired, be very afraid.

    Doctor Censured in OR Sleeping Case
    State Suspends Plastic Surgeon's License

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    Dr. Conrad Murray

    Video: YouTube

    Dr. Conrad Murray was just convicted for the involuntary manslaughter of Michael Jackson. He had prescribed the drug Propofol, a surgical anesthetic, as a treatment for insomnia. However, Dr. Murray didn't provide the necessary medical equipment or oversight needed for the drug. Dr. Murray's medical license has been suspended, but even if he regains the right to practice medicine, he will always be a doctor to avoid.

    Michael Jackson Doc Guilty
    Dr. Conrad Murray's Appeal
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    Dr. Prabir Kumar Ghosh

    A doctor in India was arrested recently when he showed up drunk for his emergency room shift. It may not have been the first time he knocked back a few before turning up for work: local complaints said that he's been drunk on the job for years. Dr. Prabir Kumar Ghosh admitted he was intoxicated but said he had his reasons, one of which was that he was simply trying to relieve his joint pain.

    If only he could've gotten to a hospital for proper treatment, then this whole problem could've been avoided and... oh, wait. Never mind.

    Drunk Doctor Suspended

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    Doctors Who Can't Diagnose Pregnancy

    For five months, her primary care physician assured Anita Arora that her periods had stopped because she was going through menopause. At 46 it was a possibility, but so was pregnancy--however, the doctor's office never thought to make sure with a pregnancy test. There was another chance for someone to see the baby when Arora had an ultrasound to check for gallstones, but again no one noticed.

    However, it was suggested that she might want to eat a healthier diet to get rid of all that weight she'd put on. The pregnancy was finally discovered when Arora insisted on a pregnancy test. Fortunately the baby was safely delivered, and by other doctors than the ones who hadn't noticed the pregnancy in the first place.

    Doctor's Blunder Nearly Kills Baby

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