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Total Nerd The 15 Coolest TRON Gift Ideas  

Alan Lewis
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TRON: Legacy hits theaters December 17. To get psyched for the movie, or to anticipate everyone's gift wish list this year, we compiled the coolest Tron merchandise into one list. We've got you covered from Tron: Evolution game to the Daft Punk Tron : Legacy Soundtrack. You can click on the links on the individual items to purchase them, or you can click the Amazon link to see if it's available there. TRON has been the go to scifi movie for nerds everywhere for over 25 years. Show the TRON-geek in your life how much you care by bringing home some of the coolest TRON schwag out there.

Tron: Legacy / Tron: Classic Combo Box Set

Coming to Blu-Ray and DVD April 5th, get the BluRay Box set with a special edition Identity disc movie case!

Tron Collector's Edition X-Box 360 & PS3 Controllers

TRON Wired Controller for Xbox 360 Collector's Edition

Classic Tron Alan Bradley Statue

TRON Alan Bradley Classic Heroes Statue Sculpture
TRON Alan Bradley Classic Heroes Statue Sculpture

Also known as the holder of the Tron program, Alan Bradley's avatar in the Tron world led Flynn to the MCP and made it possible for the super program to be defeated.

Tron T1 Headphones

TRON T1 Studio High Definition Gaming & Cinema Surround Sound Headphones - Disney Tron Over-Ear Headphones

You'll need the coolest headphones this side of the game grid to rock out to the totally bitchin' Tron:Legacy Soundtrack from Daft Punk

Featuring this song: