The 15 Craziest Divas of the Decade  

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From a famous actress who threatened to molest her neighbor's dog to a supermodel with cell phones of mass destruction, these women make Britney Spears look like a normal, well-adjusted mother-of-the-year. They're the craziest chicks in the world - or at least the battiest b*tches of the decade. Their lives are all one big epic fail, and that's why we (and the tabloids) love them. It's also probably the only reason why most of them still have any fame left at all.
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This entire decade, Britney Spears has been the poster child for insanity. I can't be sure, but I think this all started because of 'Crossroads', and from there it just got so much worse. She married and got annulled from a random guy in a 55 hour period, married K-Fed (when he didn't look like the hip-hop version of the Michelin man), shat out two kids machine gun style, divorced, spent 24 hrs in a rehab center, shaved her head, rehab again, lost child custody, epic failed at the MTV Music Video Awards, and at the lowest point was dragged out of her house for the whole world to see. I'd say that in about 20 years we're going to see a big Hollywood movie about all this, but it certainly was entertaining to see it all unfold before us. Who's probably the craziest person on this list? Well, it's not Britney, bitch. Moving on...

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Apparently Ms. Campbell has been under the impression that "assistant" is a synonym for "punching bag", as she has physically lashed out at three of them; some requiring medical attention. Her weapon of choice? Each and every case states that Naomi bitch slapped them with her cellphone. Her hired help is only lucky that no one has designed a cell with sharp edges, or they would have been thrown like ninja stars.

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Fifteen years ago, if you had stated that Whitney Houston's career would be in the dumpster next to Bobby Brown, you would have called them crazy. In something like the chicken/egg scenario: was it the drugs that made Whitney nuts, or was it the crazy that made her gravitate towards the drugs? Either way it resulted in the destruction of her career, and we all got to see it broadcast on Bravo. Only now is she trying to crawl back out of the pit she dug and getting her fame back to where it was.

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Well, first of all, congratulations to Paula for making it into the 00's after completely skipping the 90's. But, 2009 was the year that Paula Abdul's crazy finally boiled over, and the American Idol producers told her to get the f**k out. She is now less qualified for the job than a lesbian with no musical experience. We all knew it was a matter of time before her slurring and half coherent judging would be the death of her, but it was just too funny to actually care about her well being. On the bright side, maybe now she'll do another project with a cartoon cat.

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