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The 16 Most Fascinating Alternate Endings to Famous Movies

Updated 24 Jun 2020 815.9k views16 items

Fair warning: Since this article is about movie endings, there are going to be spoilers for every movie listed. Obviously.

A movie’s ending is one of the most important parts of the story, so it’s no wonder that we constantly hear stories about writers and directors fighting with studio executives to preserve their artistic vision or last-minute adjustments to a film's finale. Below are the most interesting stories I could dig up about movie endings that were almost changed, shouldn’t have been changed, and a few in-between options that are unlike anything you’d normally consider.

These are some of the best alternate endings to popular films out there. The alternate ending sometimes adds to the movie, but sometimes the alternate ending changes the plot so entirely that it's good that it was removed to begin with. These alternate endings to famous films are some that could have easily changed the course of the film completely. These movies range from Fatal Attraction to Clerks. to Little Shop of Horrors.

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