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16 Scandalous Daughters of Politicians

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Because of the internet's existence, nobody is safe and nothing is sacred, so here are the 16 daughters of notable politicians who have brought the drama. Some are fairly innocent, while others have good reason for being so controversial. To be fair, children of politicians can oftentimes find themselves in the limelight just as often as their parents when when they stray from being the perfect child. Paparazzi, news reporters, and entertainment TV love to jump at any chance they get to dog on these kids. Nevertheless, some of these politician's daughters were certainly up to no good, as you'll see from some of the stories below. 

People are always searching for pics of Jenna Bush nude or Jenna Bush naked... that's just one example. When it comes to politics, everybody is fair game!

  • Caroline Giuliani/Hanover

    Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY

    Starting off the list is daughter of Rudy Giuliani, Caroline.

    Caroline Giuliani has been known to have her, um, daddy issues for quite a while now. She lost touch with her father, former Mayor Rudy Giuliani, when he stopped coming to her graduations, special events, and showing up for things in her "life." She usually goes by Caroline Hanover just because of how much she doesn't consider him her father, but when she got arrested for shoplifting, she was quick to use her other, more world famous surname.

    In 2010, at age 20, Caroline Giuliani was busted for taking $150 worth of beauty products in her jacket by the Sephora camera at the Upper East Side of Manhattan in New York. The cops arrested the current president's lawyer’s daughter, where they asked her to "han-over" the make-up and accessories and to kindly follow them to jail.

    BONUS: For those fashion hounds out there, and for those whose girlfriends make them watch Bravo shows every week night, what did Caroline actually take from Sephora? A variety of beauty products including Dior skin primer, Bliss moisturizer, and even a hairnet (because hey, you never know when you'll end up in jail having to serve sloppy Joes to unibrowed women the size of comic book villains' henchmen).

  • Patti Davis

    Patti Davis is the daughter of the late President Ronald Reagan and is the only first daughter to have ever posed for Playboy.

    Davis was, at some point, romantically involved with a member of classic rock band The Eagles during the 70s, when they were cool. During that time, and at some point in the early 80s, she also got guest-star spots on shows such as "Fantasy Island," "The Love Boat," and "ChiPs."

    She, unlike her father, has really liberal viewpoints and never got along with her staunchly religious and Republican family until they started dealing with Reagan's Alzheimer's.

    She was famously known as the black sheep of the family during Reagan's run as president and did everything in her power to rebel against her parents; most notably posing naked for Playboy and letting some guy hold her breasts for the president to see on every news stand in America.

    BONUS: check out who they're interviewing in her Playboy issue!

  • Jenna & Barbara Bush aka "The Bush Twins"

    Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY

    The Bush Twins (you know, those girls who were the first daughters of the U.S. for eight years) didn't waste ANY time making their daddy proud (that he had GREAT publicists) when he first took office.

    Just a few months after President George W. Bush was inaugurated, his 19-year-old daughter, Jenna (the blonde), was cited for alcohol possession by a minor. She also pulled a massively publicized "lip slip" during his presidency while taking her underwear off in public and flashing her family's namesake for paparazzi everywhere.

    Even though she's gorgeous, it is still difficult to think of Barbara Bush as hot because HER NAME IS BARBARA BUSH. If you're from a younger generation, click the following link to see what most people imagine when they think the name Barbara Bush. It's kind of hard to get past that, even though she kind of has a Kate Beckinsale thing going.

    Barbara Bush

    Barbara Bush *shiver-cringe* was caught using a fake ID when trying to buy alcohol at a bar, which wouldn't have been so bad if it wasn't for the other times she was caught doing similar things all throughout Bush's presidency until she became "legal."

    As a pair, the twins have had numerous legal and personal problems with violating underage drinking laws, while friends of the Bush girls have said that they also enjoy Mary Jane – despite her father's anti-drug (anti-fun/freedom) policies.

    Click the pic to the right for a full gallery of the Bush Twins partying hard like they're songwriters for Andrew WK!

  • Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY

    The daughter of the late Senator and war hero John McCain, Meghan McCain, who got her Bachelor's Degree in Art History from Columbia University, is a prominent blogger and has been on various nationally televised talk shows discussing pressing political issues, also has huge breasts.

    And she let everyone on Twitter know about it via scandalous pictures that were well-covered throughout the internet by Republicans, Democrats, and perverts alike. She really rose to fame when this happened and added some scandal/shame to her father's image.

    Even though she's an extremely well-read and intelligent woman, here is a picture of a journalist asking her "assets" a question, showing everyone exactly the kind of image that this politician's daughter is upholding in the media: link.

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