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Basketball The 17 Best Yao Ming Career Highlights  

Randolph Strauss
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Yao Ming, China's most famous athlete, is officially retiring from the NBA. The 7'6'' Houston Rocket center has faced a lot of injuries over the last couple of years and he has decided enough is enough. This list covers all the highlights from Yao Ming's career - on and off the court. His career peaked in 2006-2007, when he averaged 25 points per game. But, this number would not last. He slowly became prone to injury and started facing the reality that he is a 7'6'' giant... and people that tall are rather fragile.

Bonus: are you aware of the Yao Ming funny side? Yao Ming career high scoring and rebounding is nothing to scoff at, but he's a funny guy as well. Read on to reminisce about his storied basketball career.
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Yao Ming Rage Face

Fans of Internet memes may have noticed a resemblance between Yao Ming and a certain character who pops up on message boards, forums and sites like Reddit and 4Chan.

To the left is the original photo of Yao. Below is his cartoon incarnation. This face is often used in so-called "rage comics" and other humorous images to depict a cavalier, utterly disinterested manner. Hence, the face is often known as the "F**k That Guy," and it is rarely referenced that the original image is based on Yao at all.

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Yao Ming's Career High 41 Points Game

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In this triple overtime game against the Atlanta Hawks in 2002, Yao Ming scored a career high 41 points to help lead the Rockets to the victory. In addition, to his impressive offensive performance, Yao also racked up 16 rebounds.
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Yao Ming Carries Olympic Torch

Not only did Yao get to appear in a Coca Cola commercial holding the Olympic torch, but he actually got to carry the Olympic torch to help introduce the games to Beijing in 2008. Yao ran the torch through China’s symbolic Tiananmen Square gate through the Palace Museum and onto the streets. Former gymnast Li Ning, who won 6 medals at the 1984 Summer Olympics (China's first), was hoisted up on wires during the Beijing Opening Ceremonies to light the Olympic Cauldron.
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3 FIBA Asian Championship Gold Medals

Not only was Yao the MVP of the 2001, 2003, and 2005 FIBA Asian Championship, but he also led the Chinese national team to the gold medals all three years.
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