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If you put all of the crazy things Charlie Sheen has done in one place, you start to notice a trend. The guy does not give a f*ck. We've seen more of Charlie Sheen's insanity than ever before since he started opening his mouth defending himself, most notably when he's gone literally against the hand that feeds him by starting a "war" with CBS and Two and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre. Not to mention his trip to the ER with a hernia after doing cocaine for 36 hours with prostitutes, hookers, and porn stars, AND that story where Charlie Sheen shot wife-to-be Kelly Preston on accident.

This may all lead you to ask: What drugs has Charlie Sheen done? Too many to count. The guy is crazy. Through the years, few stars have seen more trainwrecks than Charlie Sheen. So here, in full list-form and in all their headline glory, are the craziest things Charlie Sheen has ever done - high or sober - and that's saying something. From taking a knife to your girlfriend, to flat out shooting her, to threatening your wife's life, to using your status to try to get a hooker, here are his most dumbass, "Charlie Sheen crazy" shenanigans all in one place.

What did Charlie Sheen do? Probably anything you can think of, and his arrest record proves it. He may be a movie star, but he's also technically a criminal. Enjoy these (accidentally funny) totally crazy Charlie Sheen stories and be glad that you (probably) have your life together just a little bit more than this guy. 
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Accidentally Shoots Kelly Preston with a Gun

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Clearly not exactly sober at the time, Sheen "accidentally" shot his then-fiance Kelly Preston in the arm; the wound required two stitches - which, as you can imagine, didn't exactly work wonders for their engagement at the time.

Soon after that, Preston dumped Sheen and ultimately ended up with her current beau, cult-ambassador, possible-LGBT-leader and actor John Travolta.

Apparently no one filed charges, probably because everyone involved already knew Charlie Sheen and what to expect from the guy, and hey, at least this one wasn't on Christmas.
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He (Allegedly) Pulled A Knife on His Dentist

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In October 2014, Sheen was undergoing treatment for an abscess on his tooth. His dental technician claims that he suddenly became belligerent after being administered nitrous oxide, striking the technical and pulling a knife on the dentist. Then, his bodyguard informed the dentist that Sheen was high on rock cocaine as well.

Though Sheen's publicist claimed there were no illegal substances or a knife involved at all, as other items on this list indicate, this wouldn't be the first time Sheen reached for a knife.

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Kids? Eeeeh, No, I'm Okay: Charlie Sheen Gives Up Custody

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When Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards originally got divorced in 2005, they shared custody of their two daughters, Sam and Lola.

However, after many a drug and hooker binge, Sheen gave Denise full custody of the kids.

He pays $50,000 a month in child support, is happy to remarry, has plenty of time to shamelessly bang escorts, generally s**ts around, and snorts coke religiously, but spending time with the kids? Eeeeeehhh, commitment and family values are for squares.
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Charlie Wants Taco!

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Charlie Sheen has been hitting the bottle again! After getting his good ol' friend "Gary" to drive him to Taco Bell, he ignores his advice and goes to meet two fans in the car behind his. He mumbles apologizes "I'm so f*cking hammered!' and then fist bumps the two of them, ignoring Gary's advice to "let go of their hand"!