Worst Of 2011 The 20 Absolute Worst Parents of 2011  

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From a sword-fight punishment to a grade-school boob job, these are the craziest, weirdest and sometimes tragic news stories about horrible, moral-free parenting from 2011.

Sadly, in most of these cases the children did nothing to deserve the injuries, humiliation or even death that their so-called caregivers bestowed upon them. Even worse, many of them were infants or toddlers, completely unable to fend for themselves. As heinous as the actions of these adults are, it's a safe bet that these criminals and mis-doers won't be winning any Parent of the Year awards.

Drunk Father Appoints 9-Year-Old Daughter Designated Driver

It's never a good idea to drink and drive, but to drink and then make your 9-year-old daughter take the wheel shows even poorer judgement. That's what happened when Detroit-area-resident Shawn Russell Weimer decided he was too inebriated to competently navigate the roads, and had his child take over his duties.

The father-daughter duo were pulled over by police after a concerned citizen, who had been driving behind their van, called 911. Video footage from a gas station shows the little girl pulling up to the pump, stepping out of the driver's side and then entering the station's store along with her father. Reports say that he bragged to customers about his "chauffer."


Dad Makes Daughter Sword Fight

In an odd and archaic punishment strategy, father Fremon Seay of Washington forced his 16-year-old daughter to wield a wooden sword and engage in medieval battle with him for two hours until she collapsed. He did this after beating her with a tree branch. Mother Julie Seay, who ironically works at the Loving and Learning Childcare Center, watched without stopping the abuse. Authorities filed charges against both parents.

The daughter ended up with major bruising all over her body. Fortunately, she was spared any serious injuries. In defense, her father stated that he figured that at 16, his daughter was old enough to hold her own in sword combat. Um, sure.


Mother Buys Boob Job as Birthday Present for 7-Year-Old

This may well be the most disturbing birthday present ever bestowed upon a little girl, though not entirely surprising coming from a mom nicknamed the "Human Barbie." Along with a new computer and a vacation, British mother Sarah Burge presented her 7-year-old daughter with a voucher for breast augmentation.

The girl cannot use it until she is 16, and one would hope that no plastic surgeon would be creepy enough to perform the operation on a grade-school patient, anyway. Really, the sad part is the idea that that this woman is telling her impressionable child that she isn't pretty enough and needs alteration. And as if the boob-job birthday gift were not enough, this same mom has already given her 15-year-old daughter Botox.


Mother Beats Baby, Blows Pot Smoke in Face

Plenty of parents get frustrated when their babies won't stop crying, but few have the audacity to try marijuana as a solution. Of course, when 21-year-old Jessica Callaway attempted this method, it was not before trying to beat her infant into submission.

Video footage taken by Callaway's neighbor show her yelling at the 10-month-old, ordering her to "shut the f*** up before I kick you in the mouth" before slapping the child. The neighbor captured the footage on her cell phone, unbeknownst to Callaway. Police arrested the badly-behaving mom, who chalked up her actions to frustration over picking out an outfit to wear for the evening.