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The 16 Greatest Babies in Internet History

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List RulesExtremely popular viral baby videos or baby-based memes that aren't terrible.

Baby memes and videos have been a staple of the internet since the very beginning of viral videos. From the famous "Dancing Baby," to "Charlie Bit My Finger," to "Success Kid," they are some of the most famous images to have ever hit the web. These funny baby meme pictures of famous babies in history will have you laughing like crazy.

Be it a video, a picture, or a meme, these babies will tickle you pink and brighten your day with their cute smiles and baby giggles. Many babies are innocent, squishy, adorable, and joyous enough in and of themselves. They're a constant source of fun, family-friendly entertainment that can be enjoyed by many. So buckle your seat belts and get ready for some adorable and hilarious babies coming your way in the form of these baby memes.

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    The Charlie Bit My Finger Kids

    Video: YouTube

    Over half a billion views. The kids from "Charlie Bit My Finger," a video featuring a kid and his baby brother who keeps biting his finger, has been seen by more people than most of your favorite TV shows. 

    And all these kids had to do was be insanely adorable.


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    Success Kid

    You've seen "Success Kid" before. Plenty of times. He's a little man named Sammy whose mom took a picture of him that went up on Getty Images in 2007. Then in 2008, the popular photoshop of "Success Kid" (then known as the "I Hate Sand Castles" kid) made the rounds on sites like MySpace.

    Once this took off, Sammy became extremely common throughout the internet as a picture anyone can use to express their excitement at something relatively mundane.

    And once he was made into an Advice Animal (first seen in this form as uploaded to Reddit), much like most other Advice Animal memes, he became ubiquitous around the web.

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    That Baby That Sneezes And Farts At The Same Time

    Video: YouTube

    Just a viral YouTube video featuring exactly what it sounds like, with over 15 million views. It is pretty cute how surprised and delighted the parents are by what had just happened.

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    The Shaytard Kids

    Video: YouTube

    The Shaytards Youtube channel began in October 2008 when the patriarch of the family, ShayCarl, filmed himself talking about wanting to lose weight. More than 1,200 video posts and nearly half a billion views later, the Shaytards may be the most prolific — and happiest — family vloggers in all of history.

    Events documented vary from the mundane to the milestone, including youngest of four, baby Rocktard's birth, first steps, and first words.

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