The 20 Greatest Internet Memes of the 1990s  

Danielle Dauenhauer
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As early as the ‘80s, there were precursors to the Scumbag Steves and the Socially Awkward Penguins of the world. The ‘90s, though, were the decade that made it harder to drag yourself away from the computer and into the harsh daylight of the "real world." Nobody knew it at the time, but the '90s were swimming in memes.

Here’s your history lesson on memes, which is clearly better than any other history homework you were going to pretend to do today.

Prologue to the Top 20: Yes, you'll notice that "All Your Base" is not #1; hell, you may even be commenting on that before you get around to reading this. Fact is, if this were a Top 20 Greatest Memes of the 1990s (and the First Couple Months of 2000) list, "All Your Base" would be #1 with a bullet. But it's not! So go look at some Goatses and wait for the list of the 2000s to come out so you can bitch about the fact that something that hit the web on January 2nd, 2010 isn't on THAT list.

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A man, his hands, and his anus. Save for certain parts of the Internet population, this is not an image you’re going to seek out on your own. Hence the beginnings of one of the original bait-and-switch shock sites on the web, the goatse.

In what could be dubbed the father of the Rickroll, the Goatse marks that time in a person’s life where an initial reaction of horror (hopefully) turns into a humorous reaction after the shock subsides. “Oh my God, I can see that man’s prostate!” becomes “Oh my God, I just saw that man’s prostate! I bet Bill will think this is hilarious, too.” The original (which is no longer found at was literally a man spreading his butt cheeks for all to see (presumably because he was really excited about what the proctologist had to tell him that afternoon).

Now, in case you're looking for some real man jelly and not just the strawberry variety that led the Goatse recap, you can continue scrolling down to see the =O= riginal shot.

Hey! Don't want your boss to walk by and see somebody's colon staring back from your desktop? DON'T SCROLL DOWN!

OK, you've carried on. You're either not at work, or you have a boss as twisted as you are. Please continue.

Did you really want to look at butthole today? Because that's what Goatse is. OK, just checking.

Did you scroll down on purpose or did you decide to keep pressing your luck? Do you think we're playing Goatse chicken here? Listen, if you keep scrolling, it's going to be a man, not a muppet, next time. You've been warned.

Click here and you're going to see the real Goatse.

Oh my God, that was really it! Well, if your desire to see goatse in more comedic forms has not been extinguished after that, click here to check out the Ranker spread on Goatse.
??? Profit

Oh, South Park, only you could point out the obvious flaws in the corporate money quest by using underpants and gnomes. It all blooms in Tweak’s bedroom, where he claims gnomes are stealing his pants for profit. Upon finding out this is true, the South Park gang seek to understand the gnomes’ business plan, consisting of three easy steps:

1) Collect underpants
2) ???

Brilliant in its simplicity except…oh yeah, no one knows where the profit - like Bill O’Reilly’s rolling tides - comes from.
Every Time You Masturbate...

God kills a kitten.

Do you want to bear that responsibility? Baskets full of fuzzy, cheerful, bright-eyed, soul-having kittens - all dead because YOU couldn’t handle your self-pleasuring needs?!

I think not! Hence the origins of the anti kitten-hate propaganda of the late 1990s are revealed.

Though the images of two Domo monsters chasing down a hapless kitten in a green field became more popular in 2002,

the concept first found its way to the kitten-hating public in May of 1999 on the pages of BarFly Magazine. Leave it to a drinking publication to extoll the virtues of NOT having a wank (when you could have a drank).

Better than duh, better than dur, it’s derp!

The all-encompassing exasperated utterance of idiocy. Tracing its genesis to the Trey Parker/Matt Stone movie Baseketball, the boys - after being caught going through a drawer full of unmentionables they believe to belong to the hot chick of the house - runs from the room dropping the “derp” when it’s discovered that the panties, vibrator, et al. belong not to the hot chick, but to her mom.

Often characterized in picture memes by characters whose eyeballs jut out to either side, the word is a four letter admission of an absurd fail in humanity.