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The Greatest Sharks in Pop Culture History

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Few things are scarier, more exciting, or more epic than an awesome shark, and pop culture is full of these awesome, toothy creatures. Below are the greatest sharks in pop culture history, including some of the greatest clips ever of over-the-top sharks from B-movies, real-life sharks who've achieved bad*ssery, shark memes and, of course, sharks we all grew up with.

What are the coolest sharks of all time? From Jaws to Sharknado, sharks in movies have been frightening and captivating audiences for years. Pop culture has made many sharks household names and, some might argue, unfairly given real sharks a bad image as ruthless killers.

Regardless, the sharks on this list are incredibly awesome and are eagerly awaiting your undivided attention to learn all about their stories. Read on, and be careful next time you're out in the ocean.

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    Of course. Of course the shark from Jaws is on here. Did you think it wouldn't be on here? This was the first awesome shark in the history of pop culture and was what really spawned the fear and fascination with sharks outside of people who are just really into marine biology.

    Sharks were never huge until Jaws. And they were never as scary on film. The first, and the best, Jaws makes the list as the one who started it all.

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    Left Shark

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    It was the aquatic dance seen 'round the world. Two sharks performed with Katy Perry during the 2015 Super Bowl, but only one had the moves to win over America's heart. Left Shark's dancing quickly became a trending topic on Twitter and spawned a meme that the country could not get rid of for some time. Later, Katy Perry's legal team even tried to trademark the term "left shark."

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    These four Jawsome dudes were part of the '90s answer to the popularity of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. We had stuff like Battletoads, Biker Mice from Mars, and then we had Street Sharks.

    If you grew up around that era, you remember Street Sharks. They were the cool, realistic-looking, rubber toys whose arms/legs couldn't move, but looked totally bad*ss. You had four sharks, much like you had four turtles, and just like the turtles, all of them acted like surfer dudes/grunge guys/tough guys. These are the three types of acceptable men that existed in the early '90s, and cartoons made sure that we were one of these. You could always be the "smart" one, but that means you'd always have the most disappointing weapons.

    Nonetheless, these guys had some awesome stuff going for them other than cool toys. It almost felt like the Ninja Turtles turned up a notch. It made a lot more sense that SHARKS would be surfer dudes for one thing. And it also allowed us to get some pretty awesome toys, even if they were designed in an incredibly impractical way.

    And most importantly, they gave us the term "Jawsome." Because sharks have jaws, you see. Get it?

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    Sharknado. Shark. Nado.

    It's basically exactly what it sounds like. In the Syfy TV movie (of course it is), a tornado made of sharks hits land in Los Angeles and causes all sorts of problems. It's technically a sequel to Sharktopus, and became such a cult hit that it spawned five sequels.

    It also features a memorable cast, including Tara Reid, who, as you'll see if you click here, doesn't really know how the science of Sharknado works. In any case, these sharks are awesome and epic.

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