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The Greatest Sharks in Pop Culture History

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Few things are scarier, more exciting, or more epic than an awesome shark, and pop culture is full of these awesome, toothy creatures. Below are the greatest sharks in pop culture history, including some of the greatest clips ever of over-the-top sharks from B-movies, real-life sharks who've achieved bad*ssery, shark memes and, of course, sharks we all grew up with.

What are the coolest sharks of all time? From Jaws to Sharknado, sharks in movies have been frightening and captivating audiences for years. Pop culture has made many sharks household names and, some might argue, unfairly given real sharks a bad image as ruthless killers.

Regardless, the sharks on this list are incredibly awesome and are eagerly awaiting your undivided attention to learn all about their stories. Read on, and be careful next time you're out in the ocean.

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    In yet another extreme shark B-Movie (starring Doctor Who and Torchwood's John Barrowman), a Megalodon terrorizes people who, for some reason, just can't take a hint and stay the hell out of the water.

    And, as always, there's a huge jerk who gets what's coming to him. It's really one of the most satisfying movies because at the end (spoiler alert), Barrowman says the following line:


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    Yet another in the long line of ridiculous shark movies, this is a film (yes, we're calling this one a "film") that is essentially what it sounds like:

    It's a shark with a T-Rex head that is so huge it can consume entire boats in one gulp (yet in one scene, only bites someone's neck, gotta pace yourself).

    This is basically all you need to know about Dinoshark, other than that the guy from Six Feet Under hunts down the shark with a grenade while jumping off of a jet ski.

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