offbeat The 20 Worst Race Car Crashes Ever  

Michael D'Amico
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A list of graphic videos of the worst race car crashes in automotive history. Many of these crashes were fatal. Automobile racing is a dangerous sport, and this list should serve as proof of the bravery (foolhardiness?) race car drivers exhibit out on the track. Thankfully, vehicle safety technology has increased greatly throughout the years and fatalities have become much less common.

This list is updated as these horrible accidents occur, including the latest such as Dan Wheldon's fatal crash. If there are any crashes I have missed, please let me know in the comments. Note that this is a list of videos, which is why crashes such as Depailler's death or Francois Cevert's gruesome crash in which he was cut in half have not been included. Drive safe.
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Gilles Villeneuve's Fatal Crash

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Few things are as chilling as seeing a race car driver ejected from his car during a crash. Whereas decades ago, drivers hoped to be "thrown clear" of a crash, modern race cars are built to provide of a protective shell around the driver. Gilles Villeneuve was considered another of Formula One's greatest drivers. In this clip you can actually see his body catapulted across the track and into a safety fence. He died that night after being put on life support.
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Eddie Sachs & Dave MacDonald's Fatal Crash

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The Indy 500, 1964. Dave MacDonald, driving what many regarded as a horribly built race car, lost control. Hitting the inside wall, MacDonald's car exploded then veered back across the track where it was broadsided by the car of Eddie Sachs, creating a second explosion. Johnny Rutherford, driving the car behind Sachs, was left with no choice but to hit the throttle and power through the carnage. With his car now on fire, Rutherford was then broadsided by Bobby Unser. The car behind Rutherford, driven by Ronnie Duman, was then rear ended by Bobby Unser, who now had no steering, causing Duman's car to also explode. MacDonald died two hours later in the hospital. Eddie Sachs died in his car. Fellow drivers reported seeing him trying to get out. This was the first time in history that the Indy 500 was stopped because of an accident.
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Ayrton Senna's Fatal Crash

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He is considered by many to be the greatest racing driver of all time. This is the crash that instantly killed him. Unlike the previous entries, this crash is not particularly dramatic. What it is though is the death of a legend, a crash that shook motor racing to its core.
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Greg Moore's Fatal Crash

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Greg Moore was a young, well liked driver in CART. In 1999, Moore lost control of his car while going over 200mph. The top, exposed portion of Moore's car collided with a concrete wall. Moore was critically injured and died shortly thereafter.