WATCH Super Bowl LII Commercials Everyone Is Talking About  

Mick Jacobs

Super Bowls come and go, but Super Bowl commercials are forever. For your viewing pleasure, the video below features all the best Super Bowl LII commercials from 2018, a collection much more entertaining than whatever happened at halftime.

Only during the media spectacle that is the Super Bowl do people ever actually seek out commercials, a noticeable deviation from their normal viewing habits. Advertisers, the hidden forces who finance said spectacle, strive to entertain the audience as much as the game itself.

Featuring some of the biggest names in celebrities and brands, Super Bowl LII commercials continued to showcase the massive amount of creative and financial power in the world of advertising.

All of this just to get people to check out Groupon or buy a bag of Doritos; capitalism is dramatic as hell! Check out the video below to see if your favorite commercial made the cut.