swimming The 25 Greatest Pool FAILs of All Time  

Robert Wabash
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These people are the reason why all public places have stupid signs. From skidded knees, to belly flops, to near-death experiences, here are the twenty-five greatest pool fail videos of all time.

Funny pool videos aren't limited to terrible divers or people with bad judgment. There's also girls' tops fall off in pools, boys who break their faces doing stupid jumps, and grown adults who should probably be dead because of the ridiculous things they do in these funny pool videos. The people on this list are slipping, flopping, and splashing their way into mortifying moments. Swimming pool fails don't get any funnier or more horrifying than this.
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Girl Gently Falls Into a Pool 20 ft Below

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This video is titled "How Not to Jump Into a Pool," which is actually quite appropriate, because she doesn't jump. She intentionally falls, which is how most people jump out of a plane. So take it from this, now-probably-less-pretty girl, planes are NOT pools. You learned it here, folks.
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Hot Model Falls Off Catwalk... into a Pool

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Double points to this one. Not only is there a hot chick, but there's an epic fail AND it's humiliating. This is the Internet trifecta.

The best part is that she comes back for the end. This girl has balls.
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The Hardest Head-Hit on the List

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Remember the lifeguard who told you to only dive from the board, not the side? This is why. Maybe this was the first lifeguard to ever try it.

How hollow this guy's head is = remarkable.

Seriously though, more people on this list should be dead. How are they ALL okay?
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A Crane Loses Control of an Entire Pool

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This one's a slow build. And it's worth it. This one isn't about people in a ridiculous pool situation. This is about the actual pool and the man craning the pool into a family's backyard.

You have to watch the video, and I'm not going to spoil it, but just know, the crane operator severely underestimates the weight of something.