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Greg Stopera
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Now, some of these chicks may be models and others may be gamers, but all of them are hot. There's something about great, near-nude girls wearing the "video game bikini", i.e. covering themselves up with video game controllers, consoles, cartridges, keyboards or even discs. So, all in one place, here are the hottest pictures of naked girls and video games from around the internet.

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The Motherload

This is the motherload. WIth more systems, games, accessories and controllers than you can count, and bonafied gamer girl (verified by the geek community, as directed by the President of the United States) Jo Garcia, this pretty much wins in my book.

I mean, look at those heels, amirite fellas?

(via Kotaku)

License to Hunt Ducks

This hot gamer girl holding a Nintendo lightgun and strategically covering up her secret shame with her hair can be found on, where they also have videos of gamer girls talking to you and more nude galleries of hot nerdy chicks.

I don't know this girl's name, but I bet this is the last shot from a set that started out with her dressed as Captain N. What? I have weird fantasies and so do you.


Emo Girl's Gameboy Color is Feeling Blue

"I'm so sad because my NES controller is unusable and my Gameboy ran out of batteries".

Epic pillows under those games. Think about the perspective. The Gameboy is just covering her nipples and those things are actually pretty damn big.

You could probably adequately cover each one of those bad boys (girls?) with an entire PS3, though. Someone should send her one. For science.

What Game Is In The Genesis?

This is a hot naked blonde girl smiling at you with a bunch of video games around her. We've got that.

But what game is that in the Genesis? This is either going to kill me or it is going to haunt me until the day I die or both.

EDIT: Not only did this fine young lady write us in to let me know that the game in the Sega Genesis = Toe Jam and Earl, which is important since this is the only time that game has ever made someone more sexually attractive, but she made it clear that she's actually a real gamer.

And with that, she moves up a spot in the list because a girl that feels the need to clear up that detail is one that is close to not only my heart, but to other parts of the human body that take up an insane amount of blood flow. Cheers to her!