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The 30 Most Awkward Pictures of Nerds Next to Women

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Need a good laugh? Maybe watching one of the best TV shows cancelled after one season might help or try this lighthearted list of the most awkward photos of traditional nerds standing next to their stereotypical arch nemesis, (no, not the Justice League bad guy) women. Sure, they probably watched all the Schoolhouse Rock episodes, have a weird rap voice, or even resemble some Mike Myers SNL charactersMaking fun of the socially awkward as they pose next to hot girls is an Internet staple. Maybe it'd help if the nerds were related to members of famous 70s bands. Some of these pictures are Internet classics and have shown us why being a booth babe is probably one of the most emotionally taxing jobs in the world. Others just make us sad. Unlike these married country singers, these nerds might have a better shot at writing sad books about love or starting a music career producing songs about innovation

Usually, pictures of nerds have a slightly tragic quality (unless we're talking about hot pictures of girl nerds). But these pics of nerds are full of fun. In honor of the Comic-Con season, this is a taste of things to come. Nerds next to women: from the real, to the synthetic, to the animated. So grab your favorite Blizzard flavors and enjoy. 

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    It Is Hungry

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    Must... Not... Touch... Neck

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    Red Pants, Fanny Pack. Let's Do This, Ladies.

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