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The 30 Funniest Internet Responses to the PlayStation Hack

Updated May 18, 2020 50.1k views5 items

The PlayStation Network, the network that allows all PS3 owners to access the internet on their consoles, has been down for over a week. On top of that, it turns out the reason for the outage is that their system was hacked, and not only can people not play online when two of the most anticipated games of the year have just come out (Portal 2, Mortal Kombat), but everyone's personal information has been compromised to the hackers, causing a huge outcry for accountability. Identity theft will most likely happen, and people's lives has been made harder. Luckily, the internet is here to bring light to the whole situation. Here are the funniest responses to the PlayStation Hack.

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  • "It Only Does" Parodies

    The original context of these parodies are based on the Sony Playstation 3 Commercials like this one below. The slogan "It Only Does..." is the beginning of a sentence that can be completed with anything (video, games, blu-ray, social networking), but in the wake of the technical issues they're having, the internet filled the rest of the slogan in with different words.

    First, here's the original commercial

    And the obligatory parody video...

    Before the data hack, when Playstation was just down, 80710a06 was the error code people got when trying to login to their Playstation Network accounts

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