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The 30 Funniest Internet Responses to the PlayStation Hack

Updated January 6, 2021 50.3k views5 items

The PlayStation Network, the network that allows all PS3 owners to access the internet on their consoles, has been down for over a week. On top of that, it turns out the reason for the outage is that their system was hacked, and not only can people not play online when two of the most anticipated games of the year have just come out (Portal 2, Mortal Kombat), but everyone's personal information has been compromised to the hackers, causing a huge outcry for accountability. Identity theft will most likely happen, and people's lives has been made harder. Luckily, the internet is here to bring light to the whole situation. Here are the funniest responses to the PlayStation Hack.

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  • Playstation What? What Happened?

    In case you've been living under a rock for the last week (or in case you've been paying attention to more important issues like the tornadoes that have devastated parts of the United States or Obama having to admit he's American), the Playstation Network (or the PSN, the network which allows people to use their Playstation 3 consoles on line) went down (and is still down for what has now been over a week.)

    So, needless to say, some people were pissed. Much like you would be if you didn't have a PS3 and your cable went down or your internet was gone for a day or two. I mean, people can't even use their Netflix if all they have is a PS3. It's basically an apocalypse.

    Sony/Playstation decided to handle it in a different way, though, and blamed the Digital Hacker Supergroup "Anonymous" for the whole debaucle... or at least they tried to. After internet rumors and some Sony "hints" at Anonymous being responsible for the Playstation Network going down spread wide, members of Anonymous (who will remain anonymous) issued the following statement:


    Sooo, that kind of ruined Sony/Playstation's credibility there... but then it got worse:


    And then the sh*tstorm truly began. Sony's customers are not only pissed, but rightfully worried and apprehensive about continuing to associate their credit card information with the company at all which, of course, has led to many a passive-aggressive, or outwardly aggressive, meme-oriented, video and Photoshop responses.

    Even though Sony said "The entire credit card table was encrypted and we have no evidence that credit card data was taken" this Thursday in order to try and calm the outward (and deserved) rage over how poorly protected such important information was, the words "we have no evidence that credit card data was taken" is kind of like saying this:

    So, here are the thirty funniest examples of exactly how the internet reacted to the whole debacle.

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  • The 30 Greatest Internet Reactions to the PSN Hack

    First, an elegant, simple website that craps all over Sony and the PSN outage.


    And now, Hitler's reaction to the PSN being down, because if the internet, as a whole, is ever angry about anything, it isn't an official outrage until Hitler weighs in.

    Hitler's Reaction to Playstation Network Being Down

    Funny Or Die Skit on the Playstation Network's Down Time

    The Best in Comics, Screenshots and Pics

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