GIFs So Terrifying, They Will Keep You Up All Night

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These are the scariest GIFs in internet history. Some of them are scenes from movies, while others are pictures that have been manipulated, while others are just imagery from the minds of horrible sickos, but around this time of year they all start coming out to play a little more often than you're used to and they end up making you turn on the lights and falling asleep to a loud, monster-sound-drowning episode of Arrested Development. From the sick people over at, to 4Chan's /x/ board, to sites like, they're busy spreading the scary all over the internet, so if you run into any of these creepy GIFs, after going through this list, you'll be prepared.

These should fill all of your scary GIF needs, and you can copy/paste them onto your desktop directly from here to start your very own creepy GIF collection to freak out your friends during the non-Halloween holiday season.

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    Just Some Pillows You Should Probably Use To Sleep Some More


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    Don't Laugh At Her

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    Probably Just A Pile Of Clothes And Some Shadows


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    What's Waiting At The End Of The Hall?