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The 33 movie quotes tell the true story of the 33 Chilean miners who were trapped 2,400 feet below the surface of the earth in 2010 when the San Jose mine collapsed. The survival drama was written by Mikko Alanne, Craig Borten, and José Rivera based on the actual events of the disaster. Patricia Riggen directed The 33, which opened in the United States on November 13, 2015.

In The 33, a team of 33 miners (including Antonio Banderas, James Brolin, Lou Diamond Phillips and Mario Casas) head to work on the long and winding road, the only access, to a copper-gold mine located 700 meters underground in Northern Chile in 2010. While mine foreman Don Lucho Urzúa (Lou Diamond Phillips) has reported several safety concerns with the mine, management has prioritized production over protection, something that proves to be tragic when the mine collapses, trapping the 33 men inside with no way out and few resources, including food. Much to the ire of the miners' families (including Juliette Binoche, Kate del Castillo and Cote de Pablo), the owners of the mine make no attempt at a rescue.

After the collapse, the Chilean Government, including President Sebastián Piñera (Bob Gunton) and Mining Minister Laurence Golborne (Rodrigo Santoro) are tasked with determining if they should launch a rescue operation, a tough decision considering no one knows if the men are alive or dead. They eventually begin drilling and verify that the men have survived, but face incredible odds to rescuing the men from the highly volatile mountain site.

The 33 was just one of several highly anticipated films opening in the later months of 2015 when it appeared in theaters alongside Trumbo, By the Sea, Spotlight and The Peanuts Movie.


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Super Mario Sepúlveda: You love birds get a sonogram yet?
Álex Vega: It's a boy.
Jessica Vega: It's a girl!
Super Mario Sepúlveda: Congratulations on your retirement! Two weeks and you're a free man.

Prior to the accident, each of the miners have their own things happening in life. For Alex and Jessica, that's the excitement of welcoming a child. For Mario Gomex, that's retirement from the mine. All of these plans will have to go on hold.
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She Finally Broke

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Don Lucho Urzúa: That's a big rock.
Super Mario Sepúlveda: That's not a rock. That's the heart of the mountain. She finally broke.

After the collapse, Don and Mario react to the massive rock that shifted to block them in. Both understand that this shift is nothing short of catastrophic.
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Next Meal in 24 Hours

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Don Lucho Urzúa: Mario
Super Mario Sepúlveda: Yeah?
Don Lucho Urzúa: This one has less.
Super Mario Sepúlveda: Which one?
Don Lucho Urzúa: This one.
Super Mario Sepúlveda: Is everybody happy?
Everyone: Yeah
Super Mario Sepúlveda: All right, ladies, next meal in 24 hours.

Super Mario took it upon himself to ration the little food the 33 men have in order to stretch it as far as possible. While a sip of milk and one cookie over a 24-hour period is not optimal nutrition, this rationing was key to the survival of all 33 miners.
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We Are Their Only Hope

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President Sebastián Piñera: The last thing we need is these men dying with the whole world watching.
Minister Laurence Golborne: 33 men in the ground, 300 mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters, and we are their only hope!

Both the President and Mining Minster of Chile agree that losing these 33 miners would be tragic. The President, however, sees this more of a bad public relations situation rather than a situation that would impact the families of the miners.
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