Advertising The 42 Greatest Old Spice Commercials of All Time  

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Old Spice has managed to bring commercials from a TV necessity to something we all look forward to. The Old Spice advertising department has not only successfully reinvented their image for a younger generation, but left you with a smile on your face after a TV spot. Old Spice commercials are some of the most hallucinatory trips on television, and they're also genuinely funny.

I mean who watches commercials for fun? Well, now, WE do. Old Spice, we salute you, and in turn have compiled the 42 greatest ads for helping us smell better. Also, why 42? Because we're nerds. It's almost apparent that wearing Old Spice should be an additional guideline to the commandments of man law.

What are the best Old Spice commercials? We've combed through Old Spice commercials on YouTube and believe that these 42 represent the finest in Old Spice advertising. Sit back, relax and enjoy these commercials.
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This is the second entry from "the man you wish you smelled like", and he does not to disappoint in his sophomoric effort.

Go ahead and try to truthfully say he doesn’t make you want to buy this body wash, just so your girlfriend stops fantasizing about him.
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The Man Your Man Could Smell Like
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This classic commercial, which has raised awareness of Old Spice as a company the same way the Taco Bell dog did for Taco Bell, stars "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like", otherwise known as actor Isaiah Mustafa.

It goes beyond simply selling a product to get inside your head and make you question your own masculinity.

The best part? Old Spice, as a company, figured out the age-old marketing question of

"How do you sell a product for men in a way that women love it too, while not also alienating the men?"

Absolutely brilliant.
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Terry Crews/Tim & Eric Old Spice Commercials
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The Terry Crews ads are like a wonderful little break from reality and the laws of sanity, so we went ahead and found a montage of them all so you could take a little mini vacation; you’re welcome. These ads were all directed by Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim, which makes perfect sense if you’ve ever seen their show Tim & Eric Show: Great Job! only on Adult Swim.

They encompass everything Old Spice has meant over the years (see: this list), make it funnier and then take the whole strategy up to the next level.

This series of commercials is over-the-top, hilarious, effective, memorable and absolutely amazing.

They are some of the best ads that have ever been made and top this list as the best ones coming from Old Spice.
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Classic Vintage Ad
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This classic vintage Old Spice commercial features a guy splashing after shave on his eyes for some reason, some topless mermaids and proof that Old Spice has REALLY stuck to their guns with that jingle of theirs (which by the end of this list will be forever locked into your brain.)

50s ads are awesome. Period. But what's more awesome is that back in the 50s, people's faces turned into water. And that water looked terrifying.
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