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The 6 Tallest Buildings in South Korea

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A list of the tallest buildings in South Korea, with photos. These are the highest buildings in South Korea, skyscrapers that tower over their respective cities. When we examine a country's tallest structures, we often discover a timeline of that country's economic success. Why? Because skyscrapers are a structure typically built only during healthy economic times. The tallest building in South Korea is currently the Northeast Asia Trade Tower. You will find it and plenty of other steel towers within this list of South Korea's tallest buildings.
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    Northeast Asia Trade Tower

    Incheon, South Korea
    Located in Incheon. 305 meters tall, 68 stories high.
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    Samsung Tower Palace 3, Tower G

    Located in Seoul. 264 meters tall, 73 stories high.
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    Hyperion Tower A

    Located in Seoul. 256 meters tall, 69 stories high.
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    63 Building

    Seoul, South Korea
    Located in Seoul. 249 meters tall, 60 stories high.
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    Parc1 Tower A

    Seoul, South Korea
    Located in Seoul. 334 meters tall, 72 stories high.
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    We've the Zenith Tower A

    Located in Busan. 301 meters tall, 80 stories high.