true stories 9 Celebrities Who Have Been Stabbed  

Jude Newsome

This list of seven celebrities who've been stabbed include some insane and, sadly, some tragic stories involving famous people colliding with sharp, pointed objects. Many of these celebrities survived the attacks valiantly, such as "Game of Thrones" actor Sean Bean, who kept on drinking at a London bar after the incident. Unfortunately, some have also passed away as a result of being attacked, like "Harry Potter" actor Robert Knox.

While bar brawls, drunken disagreements and crazed fans account for some of these incidents, others are just plain weird. Like when actor Jimmy Smits grabbed a real knife rather than a prop knife while filming a stabbing scene for the series "Dexter." Why was there even a real knife on the set for him to grab? As some kind of prank? I'm laughing already...

We should note, as well, that stabbing should not be confused here with impalement, which is an entirely different and arguably even nastier form of attack in which someone is completely run through with a foreign object, such as a stake, or pole or spear. This sometimes happens to celebrities as well, but usually in movies, many of them featuring Mel Gibson.
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9 Celebrities Who Have Been Stabbed