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The 7 Craziest Things Ever Blamed on Homosexuals

Updated August 6, 2019 112k views7 items

In light of the Catholic church blaming homosexuals for the child rape they are committing, here are the seven most inane, ridiculous, and idiotic things that have been blamed on homosexuals. People in a position of power, including various world leaders and fundamentalist Christians, have been blaming the minority with the least amount of power in the state for a whole slew of insane problems that they were either responsible for or couldn't explain for a long time now.

People don't seem to blame homosexuals for something unless they have an agenda to push, and that agenda is usually one of hate. From Jerry Falwell and his fundamentalist statements, to people blaming the gay community for Hurricane Katrina (yes, really), this list of things blamed on gay people is truly befuddling.

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    The Economic Downturn in Post WWI Germany

    Adolf Hitler was definitely the worst attacker on homosexuals in history.

    Along with blaming the Jews, he blamed homosexuals for the economic problems in Germany after World War I, along with demasculinizing a nation with "degenerate behavior" and "corrupting" public morality. This was part of his platform that helped him rise to power. That fact is on this list because of the impact the blame actually had on the world.

    Blaming homosexuals (among a group of other minorities in Germany/The World at the time, of course) directly led to one of the worst wars and events in human history.

    Yeah, Hitler's really one to speak on morality.

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    Homosexuality in Children/Early Teens

    You can trace this accusation back to the Save Our Children coalition, a group headed by celebrity singer Anita Bryant in 1977 who claimed non-discrimination based on sexual orientation discriminated against her right to teach her children biblical morality. C'mon, we all know who Anita Bryant is. Has it happened since? hell yes.

    As seen in the Prop 8 debate, the idea that children can become gay merely by being taught about same-sex marriage, or even that being gay is okay, is well-believed by some, but mostly fundamentalists and ignorant/paranoid people who know no better than to follow the word of what they hear on TV.

    There has never been any kind of evidence linking gay teachers, or teaching about homosexuality in the classroom, leading to an increase in gay children. The main reason: it's not a choice, and sure as hell isn't "taught".

    Once again, faith (and the $25 Million the Mormon church poured into the election) wins out over proven science and homosexuals were blamed for something they didn't, and couldn't possibly, do.

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