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The 7 Craziest Things Ever Blamed on Homosexuals

In light of the Catholic church blaming homosexuals for the child rape they are committing, here are the seven most inane, ridiculous, and idiotic things that have been blamed on homosexuals. People in a position of power, including various world leaders and fundamentalist Christians, have been blaming the minority with the least amount of power in the state for a whole slew of insane problems that they were either responsible for or couldn't explain for a long time now.

People don't seem to blame homosexuals for something unless they have an agenda to push, and that agenda is usually one of hate. From Jerry Falwell and his fundamentalist statements, to people blaming the gay community for Hurricane Katrina (yes, really), this list of things blamed on gay people is truly befuddling.

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    Child Rape

    Excuses, excuses. The Catholic Church seems to have a bag full of 'em. Especially when it comes to their outed struggle with paedophilia. Take Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, the Vatican Secretary of State, who publicly stated on a visit to Chile that "Many psychologists and psychiatrists have demonstrated that there is no relationship between celibacy and paedophilia. But many others have demonstrated, I have been told recently, that there is a relationship between homosexuality and paedophilia. That is true. That is the problem." That is NOT true, and that is NOT the problem. Instead, what is, is the fact that children all over the world are being touched by old, wrinkly men who aren't practicing what they (literally) preach.

    It's not like it's just a recent problem or like recent psychology has anything to do with it. Paedophilia is a psychological disorder that is completely independent of being homosexual. Oh and also, throughout the history of Catholicism there have been:

    - 12 sexually active Popes.
    - Out of these, 5 of them either fathered illegitimate children, had romantic affairs or were killed by jealous husbands.
    - Out of the 12, 4 of them had some kind of homosexual relationship during their pontificate.

  • Well, here's one from good 'ole Pat Robertson, fundamentalist extraordinaire and complete bigot/whack job.

    In a telecast interview with televangelist Reverend Jerry Falwell (also a bigot) on his controversial talk show The 700 Club, part of the Christian Broadcasting Network, Robertson and Falwell so lovingly point the finger at gays for 9/11. He also throws in abortionists, feminists, and the ACLU -- if that makes them feel any better...

    The crazy fundamentalists garnering hate and impeding on what America stands for almost exonerate the other crazy fundamentalists that were garnering hate and impeding on what America stands for in the name of attacking their go-to scapegoats.

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    Mass Murder

    Write this in your history book, boys and girls: homosexuals are to blame for the fall of Srebrenica to Bosnian Serb forces.


    Only in former NATO commander and senior US officer John Sheehan's history book would that sentence ever appear.

    In a March 2010 US Senate Armed Services Committee hearing, General Sheehan pompously stated that the Dutch battalion was unable to hold back Serb forces because of the Dutch Army's policy to allow homosexuals to openly serve in the military. Yep, low morale, lack of strength, poor leadership and murderous tendencies can all be tacked on to being around, near or in the close proximity of homosexuals. No WAY that it's the fault of their commanding officers.

    Oh and while we're going along with this no-accuracy theme of his, let's also blame global warming on the homosexuals... oh, and when you can't find a matching sock and are in a hurry, also their fault. [/End sarcasm]
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