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The Greatest (Real) Bill Murray Stories Ever Told

Bill Murray is the ultimate honey badger. Though now known for his roles in such classic films as Groundhog Day, Ghostbusters, and Stripes, Murray first got his start as a castmember on SNL. Some of these Bill Murray stories are legendary, while some may have indisputable proof - yet they are all amazing and sound exactly like the kind of awesome thing the most enigmatic celebrity (that we actually like) would do. From stories on the set to sightings in Karaoke clubs and even dropping in on random house parties, this is a list of the greatest (real) Bill Murray encounters of all time. 

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    Bill Murray Crashes Bachelor Party

    Video: YouTube

    The Story:

    Over Memorial Day weekend 2014, a handful of guys from Boston College are in Charleston, SC, for a bachelor party when Bill Murray offers some words of wisdom to the groom. A friend of the groom says: 

    At one point during dinner at a steakhouse, one guy goes to the bathroom downstairs and sees Bill Murray sitting with some people with a fishing vest on. We talked to the waiter to see if we could send him some drinks, to which Bill declined. One of my buddies then went down and asked if he'd come up and say a few words for EJ and got a 'No thanks.' My buddy comes back up dejected and tells us it's not going to happen. Two minutes later, Bill f*cking Murray walks into the room and gives this speech.

    Murray says to the group: "You know how they say funerals are for the dead, not for the living? Bachelor parties are not for the groom, they're for the unmarried." 

    He then goes on to give sound advice to the rest of the group who hasn't gotten engaged yet:

    If you have someone that you think is The One, take that person and travel around the world. Buy a plane ticket for the two of you to travel all around the world, and go to places that are hard to go to and hard to get out of. And when you land at JFK, and you're still in love with that person... get married.

    Then, Bill Murray hoists the groom up on his shoulders.


    You decide. The video is right there.

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    Bill Murray Reads Poetry To Construction Workers Building NY's Poet House

    Video: YouTube

    The Story:

    During construction of the Poet's House, a library in Manhattan, Bill Murray stops by to read poems to the construction workers who are working on the building. In the middle of reading, Murray imparts: "It gets worse. If you want to take a sick day, do it now." Workers laugh and take photos with their cell phones.


    Indisputably true.

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    Bill Murray Dances To 'Turn Down For What' At A Birthday Party

    Video: YouTube

    The Story:

    Marvin Larry Reynolds, of Jedburg, South Carolina, invited Murray to his 64th birthday party in September 2014. Of course, Murray showed up. But he didn't just sit quietly in the corner. Chef Brett McKee, a friend of Murray's, was catering the party and blessed the internet with some fantastic pictures from the party, and even video of Murray and other attendees dancing to classic tracks like "Turn Down For What."


    This video may incite jealousy in the hearts of all those forlorn on their birthdays.

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    Bill Murray Pairs Up With Blonde Girl In Foreign Country... Goes to Party

    Photo: pasa47 / flickr / CC-BY 2.0

    ... kind of like in Lost in Translation.

    The Story:

    One evening after a golf tournament in St. Andrews, Bill Murray decides to go out and explore the city. He's out for drinks with fellow golfers when he meets young a beautiful blonde Nordic woman named Lykke Stavnef, who is there with her friend Marie Bergene - and who, naturally, invites him to a party.

    Bill Murray says yes.

    When they show up, no one can believe that 22-year-old Stavnef has brought him to a house party. She's concerned that there are not enough clean dishes there, so Bill Murray actually decides to start washing dishes. Everyone is amused when he cleans some dishes so that people can drink, but even more charmed when he happily accepts drinking vodka out of a coffee mug.

    Before he leaves, he finishes cleaning the feet-high dishes pile left by the college students, then heads back to his hotel.


    Well, it was reported by The Telegraph, and there were also over a dozen eyewitnesses. The 2018 documentary The Bill Murray Stories: Life Lessons Learned from a Mythical Man explores this story further. New Rule: if you meet Bill Murray somewhere and he seems relaxed and in a good mood, and it's late enough, invite him to a party.

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